Topic: Fix Ds Virtual console 2 (just ideas)

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They're more different than that.

Anyway, there will always be people who'll prefer to play a certain version of something. For example, there's people who won't accept anything newer than SNES when it comes to Final Fantasy VI, even though there's many superior ways to play it.


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Thanks. I'm hoping for gamecube adapter to work atleast with the Super Smash Bros virtual console games because you know Nintendo. And switching screen displays quickly thats the recall screen display button option I put in there its soposed to be like the recall button on your tv remote you switch quickly between the last 2 channels you been on. I should also add a cycle screen displays button too


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Nintendo should really have made the Wii U Game Pad ZL and ZR buttons the same as the Gamecube trigger buttons. That's a terrible oversight on their part.

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Oh come on look what hackers did
Untitled this one was already in the Wii U's code or something

I found it on a website from a Youtube video

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