Topic: Do All VC Games Support Save States?

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I know that MM Zero for the GBA does (pause and save anywhere) but do the NES games have this feature too?

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All of the Virtual Console games (NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA) have save states but the Wii and DS games don't as they aren't technically VC.

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Thanks for answering that, I was pretty sure it was documented somewhere on the eShop but just couldn't seem to find it. Interesting to note the differences so thanks again, looks like I'll get my Mega Man fix this afternoon!

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i think i head someone mention that there is a game or two that purposely have the feature disabled because it would break the games mechanics. i don't recall what game or why though. it came up in a thread talking about the possibility of pokemon coming to vc and how it would need that feature disabled as well.

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@jump What are you talking about? DS games have an option for Save and Restore Point, just like every other VC game.



Not only is he wrong about restore points for DS downloads, but DS games also fall under the Virtual Console banner. Just look at and their page for each individual Wii U download like Super Mario 64 DS, or watch the start of each trailer that Nintendo has uploaded to YouTube for DS downloads for the Wii U.

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I'm sure they learned a thing or two in the two years since that was posted.


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