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I plan on getting a Wii U soon, and I have a few questions about the VC on it.

1. If you play using the gamepad, is the VC game always mirrored on the screen? Granted I have not tried it, but it seems it would be annoying having the game mirrored on the gamepad while you are trying to play it on the TV.

2. How do the NES games look this time? The colors on the NES games on the Wii VC were washed out. Do they look better on the Wii U?

3. When you upgrade your VC games, do they dissapear from Wii mode? Or are you still able to play your Wii version?

Thanks in advance for your answers. If I think of more questions I'll add some.

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1. You can turn the gamepad screen off by holding down R3
2. Eh, the look really good on the gamepad. They look ok on the tv.
3. A Wii version remains in Wii mode.


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tsm7, I have all my Wii VC titles on an SD card. I just play those games using the Wii menu. Luckily I have not had to buy the same games over (I sold my Wii to get money towards the U).

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Honestly, I prefer playing on the Gamepad. It's so much easier than playing from a screen that's more than two meters away. Feels better as well, there's something rather magical after all about being able to play old-school games in the palm of your hands. (Whilst you're snuggled up in blankets and sipping Hot Chocolates no less).

As for the Gamepad screen option. Press the home button. Press the controller options button and there should be an option to turn off the screen. Hope that helps Haha :3

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