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I know this is very old Wii game but I still play that game.
If you have ever played Wii Music, which musical instrument or percussion do you like to use ?
And which music do you like to play in Custom Jam ?

I personally prefer using Saxophone for Custom Jam as Main vocal and Harmony and i tend to use higher notes by pressing B button while blowing a long sounds at certain part of the songs for improvisation.

For percussion, I like to use Reggae Drum as it has 80's style snare sound with perfect Bass pedal sound.

For music, I prefer to play The Entertainer with Piano combos, mostly Classical musics and some general musics like Birthday song. I like to play Material Girl, Every Breath You Take, September for Pop music choices.

This is one of my Custom Jam performance with Animal Crossing City Folk Music and using Saxophone as main vocal + Reggae Drum as percussion sounds.

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7. Martial Beat

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