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Nitendo have issued a notice on the Wii shop that the ambassador program will be stopped at the end of november.
Those of you who`ve earned games through the program will still be able to keep them and redownload them the same as purchased games.
Tbh, I'm not suprised by the news because of the WiiU coming out soon, which will obviously meen the Wii won`t be around for too much longer.
It does make me wonder if Nintendo will move the scheme over to the WiiU, although it`s probably unlikly.
Have any of you guys earned games through the ambassador program?




Live in the States, so no

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Huh. Didn't know there was a Wii Ambassador program. As @Mr_LztheBleh said, it must be because I'm in the States.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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I'm ambassador of 8 people. Just 2 more Wiis connected and I can get all the NES games for free.
I don't think I can do it till November. Well, losing out big time. Could have saved me a few hundred Euros.

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I had no idea a Wii Ambassador Program even existed until I saw this thread, then Google searched it. Cool idea. Too bad it's only for Europe and Australia.

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Joeynator3000 there really an Ambassador program for the Wii? >.>

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obvious troll thread... If you live in the states



I guess it's because of the Wii U release,in a few weeks time.

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I never knew that the Wii had an ambassador program..

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I want this in NA SO badly, as that way I can download every NES game!

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im searching connection to Ambassador promotion.

Console region is Ireland.
wii number 7709 1858 2836 5016.

Please help me, i have 12 connection

Send you wii number at [email protected]

ps. Sorry for my english



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