Topic: What major game company do you think will contribute most to VC Arcade?

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What do you guys think? If Nintendo follows through with VC Arcade, anyway. But I think it will be Namco. So far 3 of the 4 games on the service are from them.

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Your probably right with Namco, but i would like it to be Capcom, they made the majority of my favourite arcade games


I hope it's Sega. Please let it be Sega!




Depends on what years (and thus game size) the service is limited to. Most likely Namco, but I'd prefer SEGA gave their all behind it.

Also, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (which I already own) and the Soul Calibur series (which I own some of) are arcade games. If the VC Arcade gets that big, they might be some of the first games I buy twice.

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I really want Point Blank on the Wii and i think Namco made this, right now i would be happy if the big N released any game for the VCarcade, someone ring Iwata and remind him it exists.


I'm not really a fan of Capcom's early arcade games. It was the nineties when they really made themselves their reputation. Sure there are some good eighties Capcom arcade games; you probably need the nostalgia for them already to enjoy them.

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I was actually thinking of Capcoms 90's games + hope their are a lot of 90's arcade games released. As you say apart from 80's arcade games that hold nostalgic value their isn't many that would interest me.


I'm hoping Namco with the Tekken series, Sega with the Virtua Fighter series, and Capcom with the Street Fighter Alpha series heavily support the VCA. I also hope Nintendo supports the VCA by releasing some doggone games for it.



I'd like to see Taito's arcade games. I'd love to play Operation Wolf 3 after playing the first two on Taito Legends. That, and actually playing it with a light-gun (uhh... Wii remote), as opposed to regular controller.

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I really hope Midway starts releasing their arcade games. Really want Ultimate MK3. Oh, and Capcom needs to get involved as well.

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It's a draw between Namco, Capcom, and Sega (They have the hightest amount of VC games by a third-party company). Some major supporters could be Nintendo, Midway, and Atari. But I would prefer that Capcom have the majority of games released.


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Well, given how far behind the rest of the world is on the VCA front, I can safely say that if the intent is to replicate the release schedule of Japan, Namco will by far be the biggest name on the service as they have had the most releases of late and even forecast future releases: From looking at the greyed-out pictures I can see several games I'll be happy to get my hands on: Dragon Spirit, Dragon Saber and possibly Dragon Buster. I've already binned Namco Museum 50th Anniversary, so hopefully we'll be seeing good quality translations of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga in time for the big 30th anniversaries next year!

Of course I'm also very much hoping to see Rompers in some future update, but they've had an excellent starting line-up which I assume is through the end of the year (but hopefully not, so there's still a chance of the big guns and Rompers coming!).

Sega has Space Harrier, which I was going to wait to see come elsewhere, but I might just end up getting it anyway in the next few weeks, and there's Space Invaders from Taito and Star Force and Ninja Gaiden from Tecmo.

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Yeah, Tecmo is going to be a big contributer I can imagine. About as big as Sega and Namco.

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Namco and Capcom.



Sega and Capcom.




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I am pulling for Sega or Capcom.
I also hope that they can do work something out with Data East and Midway(despite their financial issues). Midway has such a huge catalog it would be great to see it on the VCA.

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