Topic: The VC will probably kick back in the fall- based on last two years' trend

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pixelman wrote:

Okay, lesse.

1: Monday will be the first of the month

That could also mean that the game will be a C64 game...



"What's even more pathetic is that you think everyone has the same opinion on retro games. For example, a few people I know of don't like Metal Slug 5 & 6 and I do like both of those games. Do I try to change their opinion? No I don't, I hear those opinions & I move on, simple as that. Another example is that I don't like RPG's that much except for Pokemon yet lots of people do like RPG's."
You described a backwards me. (I am not a Metal Slug fan, but I am of Pokémon and RPGs.)

If you ask me, either Nintendo is sorting things with our VC wishlist we sent them, or they are trying to get us to appreciate the service. (More specifically, Nintendo would not want us complaining of rumble/expansion pack support and extras like that for their Virtual Console games or even whine for 10 VC games a week, so Nintendo is slowly reducing the VC games released to the point of not releasing any at all so that we would appreciate that we even HAVE the service.)

Actually, I like Bowser AND hairy bellies!


weirdadam wrote:

Why is this not the first time I've seen 310 touted as some sort of significant number?

It's dividable by 10. 10 is special. Every 10 weeks we should get a good AAA VC game. It makes sense.



I though we were gonna get final fantsyIV monday...

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don't count on it

ganondwarf has always been short

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