Topic: Nintendo E3 09 What games do you think will be annouced?

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How about a new RPG styled game where you can lead a team around like in Shining Force that consists of all the Nintendo characters.

exchange 'Shining Force' for 'FFT' and i would be down with that.

Exchange FFT for Fire Emblem and I'd be down with that.
Or an Earthbound style game, though that would limit the amount of characters you could have in play at once, unfortunately.

Great ideas all around guys!

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Zelda or Star Fox Wii, Pikmin 3, and perhaps some Mario sports games using Wii M+.



__adam wrote:

exchange 'Shining Force' for 'FFT' and i would be down with that.
Or an Earthbound style game, though that would limit the amount of characters you could have in play at once, unfortunately.

I could go for Earthbound-style, too. anything but Shining Force, and we've got a deal. :3

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This is it guys! This has got to be the year of EBA 2! I know iNiS is willing to do a sequel and with Lips finished this has got to be their next project!


Nintendo is now following a policy of not revealing games unless they are close to completion. I don't think they will show anything but some of the games they revealed last fall at Tokyo. We are getting Punch Out!! this semester and Wii Sports resort for the summer, I guess we will get the other games showed, such as Cosmic Walker, Endless Ocean 2, and Sin & Punishment 2 for the second semester. If they announce something new, I would bet in a Kirby title for the Wii.



@Wariofan63-That would be awesome~!

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VGP, I like your style. A new Klonoa and Rayman game (regular Rayman, not Rabbids) would be amazing! I think a new Katamari game would also be quite cool.

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Call me a dreamer, but I'm holding out hope for a new side-scroller Metroid game for the DS as well as a new "New Super Mario Bros". A new Mega Man X game would be really sweet, which would hopefully trigger them to release the originals on Virtual Console.

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i want a Sonic game....but only if it is from DIMPS (developers of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure)


Megaman Legends 3!!

[21:14] pixelman: I blame fheblackdragon
[21:15] pixelman: That's not an f by the way, it's a fancy t.
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If Nintendos e3 aint good this year than im selling my Wii ASAP!

No offense, but get over yourself. I get so sick of these ridiculous comments. If you hate your Wii, then just sell it. Nintendo "doing well" or "not doing well" at this years E3 is a non-issue. Even if they announce absolutely nothing, it will still be a great year for Wii.

I don't get why people are so upset that others aren't satisfied. If someone is not impressed with the currently announced games, that is okay. They don't have to. If someone says he is going to sell his Wii if E3 isn't good, fine. Why should that upset anyone? It's not like he's selling my Wii, so I shouldn't be upset. And even if you still experience irrational anger over posts that don't affect your life whatsoever... Just skip over them.

Most of that list doesn't particularly impress me, actually, but I would never sell the Wii because Brawl and many games on the VC I simply refuse to part with.

I'm not upset that he's not satisfied, nor am I "irrationally angry" with him. I just get tired of coming to pro-Nintendo message boards and seeing posts about how much Wii sucks, doesn't have any good games, and "I'm going to sell mine if Nintendo doesn't impress me soon." Granted, that we don't really see that here like you do on IGN, but it is still annoying.

If you are disappointed, fine...I could care less. If you want to sell your Wii, fine...I could care less. But is there really any point in coming and trolling about it to a group of Nintendo fans? That was my primary complaint. Also, I find it hard to buy the argument that there is nothing good coming out this year. Looking over the release list, pretty much every genre except "AAA Nintendo Mega-Hit" is covered by at least one high-quality title.

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Kid Icarus Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and DSi Virtual Portable would be sweet.

Almost, make up for the snooze fest that was E3 last year.

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legend of zelda
the sage cronicals:
im tired of playing as link all the time. if they came out with this game im talking about it would be the best zelda game ever!!

read my mind right here:

if you have beaten ocireana of time you know that there are sages for every element. and they help you in the game. heres my idea for sage cronicals! there are 5 sages to play from but you got to beat everyones story line.
the first sage is a teenager who is the sage of twilight who is ganons nefu and is neglectid. one day link finds the him by the way his name is jeremy.
he is hated becuse people think he's evil. jeremy wants to prove that his uncle ganon is not evil. as a playibal caricter he has a magic staff like spear with blades on each side. the next playibal sage is glenn a trobled boy who lives in southern hyrule.
he is the sage of fire. a noble in his town tells him to go to the temple of fire. he is armed with a chain whip.
when he go's to the temple he obtains the fire sword a magical blade whitch is lit on fire and when sumond can make him look like the guy in that movie the ghost rider.
the 3rd sage is a teenage merman. his back story is somewhat sad. his morther had to help link in ocireana of time and died for helping link. soon he is to discover the real him and weald the water blade.
the 4th sage is the sage of wind. he dose not have a human body and uses switch blade called wind blades.
the 5th sage is the sage of the forest. he is a 10 year old kid who lives with the duku tree. his weapon is a crossbow and forest sword.

the end of the game.
as you know already all the sages are ansestors of sages in oceriana of time.
the sage all help link to try to defete ganon. jeremy is upset and dosenot what to kill him.
when link stabs ganon in the heart something amazeing happens!
an evil spirit called gardavor is releasd and sence link stabed ganon link is posesd by the evil spirit and link becomes dark link.
jeremy starts to cry but somehow ganon wakes back up to say. jeremy is that you?????????! jeremy is happy that his uncle is alive and gardavor nolonger is posesing him. at the end ganon become the general of hyrule. and now link becomes a bad guy! dark link and hyrule get in a war and start a epic war. so thats were hyrule at war comes in the next game after this.!

gameplay of sage cronicles! you use the wii remote to swing your sword and the nunchuck to move!

and the grandady of them all the 30th aniversery of galaga on the wii! called galaga X

the game would be kinda like halo.

the following you could do.

exsplore a vast galaxy!
fly around the galaxy in a ship!
walk around with a gun killing aliens/ doing mishions!
online multi player/wii speak compatibility!
play on a world wide server like runescape and make new friends and do online wars!

your father is a inventor who works for the goverment when you are only 7 EARTH is destriod by the EVIL aliens called the zerlocks. your father ends up being killed by a zerlock and you are rescued by the united states goverment.
you grow up to be a AGENT for the space potroll. now all of life lives in space after humans have evacuated earth.
the ruler of the evil zerlocks farcher is planning to destroy the race of humans once and for all after the fail etempt to destroy the race by destroying the earth and just how they will do this will be with the most destructive weaapon of all called cronical X a weapon that can fry DNA from the selection of cronical X's user. your mishion is to distroy the zerlocks before they destroy the human race. after that you will have to remake the planit earth with the zerlocks other tool the X-spere.

last but not least a youtube channle and app for DSi/wii !!

please comment on my ideas

thanks for reading

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Trust me i do not hate the Wii but i haven't bought a game for it in awhile.
I'm just saying Nintendo needs to like put abit more games out.
I'm excited for E3 since Nintendo said there is a big game just scared its gonna be Wii Fit 2/plus and thats not what i want. plus we have wiifit already os enough is enough with this sort of game. We need Starfox,F-zero. ANYTHING except Wii sports 2 and all those gimmicky sort of games that i have no interest in whatsoever. The only wii game i'm looking forward to is The Conduit. BTW i am not hating on Nintendo as i grew up with the company as a child. I just hope we get something good at E3 09..

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I hope they don't wait until E3 for a DSi VC! My vote's for Pikman 3, b/c of the NPC titles. What about a new DK? They've released an NPC Jungle Beat, maybe they're gearing up for a new full Donkey Kong game? Starfox would be sweet too, if it got back to its roots of flying around and shooting stuff.

I'm guessing most of the big titles will be DS titles, since DSi is the new kid on the block. Bet there will be all sorts of Motion Plus titles (Mario: "insert sport here") too. At least I hope there will be because it seems really cool, but it needs to be supported well to succeed.

Am I the only one who would be excited about wii fit+? I mean, that better not be the only "big" announcement though.

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A new Mario, Zelda, Kirby,and please a new adventure series



What I want:

  • New MArio platformer
  • New Zelda
  • New Kirby
  • New Paper mario

What I expect:

  • Wii Sports 3
  • at least 3 New play control games
  • New brain training game
  • New fitness game

You shouldn't have done that.


Don't jinx us, man.

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It's not like I'm the only one who feels that way. I'm just one of the few people who's willing to admit it.

You shouldn't have done that.


So one year forms a trend, eh?

Did I mention that I'm hoping for Dynamic Slash? They announced it at the october conference but had only ~ 3 seconds of footage for it and no other info (other than that it's made by Sandlot who made Earth Defense Force and Super Control Robot MG). I think if they don't show it at E3 (will probably not make it into the keynote anyway but probably the booth) it'll stay Japan-exclusive.

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