Topic: How do you think the library would have differed it if had launched with the remote plus?

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The Wii Remote Plus was released in holiday 2010, four years after the console's initial launch. The MotionPlus accessory was released a year and a half earlier, but it was awkward, and the Remote Plus really streamlined the technology and improved the experience. The extra gyroscope drastically increases functionality.

Unfortunately, because it released so late into the lifecycle, its list of supported titles is pitifully short.

I played a demo of Red Steel 2 when it came out, and I loved it, but I've yet to add it to my library because of the expense. There are also quite a few EA Sports games supporting the MotionPlus/Remote Plus, which I'd love to try out.

I think it's fair to say that the Wii struggled being supported by third party developers, with quality games, despite it's massive install base. If the Remote Plus were the packed-in controller at the launch of the Wii, do you think it would have impacted the Wii's library?



The Wii's initial motion controls were enough to make it sell well. If anything, the library would've probably been shorter, seeing Wii Sports Resort only came out to introduce the MotionPlus.

Your first anything is important; a memory you don't want to forget. That's what makes nostalgia such a fascinating concept. That's why many people enjoy games that have aged well.

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