Topic: Have you ever had a cartridge based game's batteries die before?

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Does a DS cartrige have an internal battery, and if it does, will it last long? I'm afraid one day I'll loose my 100 hours logged into DIY

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I've had said problem with Super Mario World, Pokemon Gold, and Metroid Zero Mission.

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None... yet.

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....sounds like we need a Virtual Handheld.

And Virtual Console releases.


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I've never had a problem with a genuine game cart battery dying. I'm pretty sure they switched from using battery saves to flash saves during the life of the GBA, so GB/C games only have battery saves and DS games only have flash saves and GBA games can be either.

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Why does almost everybody act as if a empty battery is the end of the game's lifespan? Strange.

In fact you are better of with the old titles than with the newer flash memory based titles, as flash cannot be easily replaced.

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There is also a major downside of flashmemory. Read 'n write cycles shorten the lifespan even though the Wii's NAND is quite durable. Carefully treated Discs and Cartridges can last for decades and maybe even lifetimes. How about flash-based hardware? In three years i had to replace several (quality branded) MP3 players because of it's frequent usage. This worries me a bit that i know from experience that flash memory wears down whenever you like it or not...

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i just brought a copy of illusion of gaia for 2$ but the batteries were dead so i just replaced them



We used to have Pokemon Yellow, and it also stopped saving after a while. Also, on my brother's Pokemon Sapphire file, after MANY MANY hours of gameplay, it said "The internal battery has run dry. Da-da-da, so-and-so." but the game still played fine.



Like many of us, Pokémon Gold and Silver. I was happy when they made a DS version of the game.

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Loads of my Game Boy game batteries died (I bought most 2nd hand), and a couple of SNES ones. Generally more annoying with the SNES, as games tended to take more work to complete. Although, the main reason they died in the first place is because I played them to death and therefore I knew how to do everything, so I guess not being to save wasn't such a great problem.

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I've never had a dead one and I got a launch day copy of Legend of Zelda (NES.)

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I have a game super Mario bros 2 and on the back of the cartrage it says The game pak contains batteries. And when saving game you MUST hold in the reset button. Can some body help because I can’t find anything about this and I can’t get it to save



The only time that something similar happened to me was with Super Mario World. The files were erased but I could start a new file and save, so it wasn't exactly dead but it was erased. Does Super Mario World have a battery? My understanding is that if you can save again whatever is inside is not really dead.



Zombie thread wants to eat your brains... and your dead batteries...

I had an old Master System cartridge for Phantasy Star. After about a year or so, I decided that, this time, I was going to beat the final boss. I'd dump it into the my Game Gear (via a cartridge convertor) and then found that the battery save had died. I had to restart the game from the beginning, but the battery seemed perfectly happy to record my saves again.

I got to the final boss again, and still couldn't beat it. Tried again a year or two later, and the battery had died again. Not sure I played all the way through again that time around...

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@gimmi_c Didn't he say the opposite?

Link79 wrote:

I mean a game that had battery back up to save game data. I never have known of one to quit working but I suppose they would eventually.
My original Zelda cartridge still saves and It's a freaking fossil. It must take forever for the batteries to actually die. Good thing we have VC in case it ever happens.

It's sad that Wii had NES, SNES, N64, Mega Drive and many more platforms supported and Switch NES only and via subscription.



@gimmi_c OK! You are right. So sad he was true. Yeah, if the Mega Drive Mini is as good as it seems (made by Sega and M2) I will get it too.

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