Topic: Do you think Nintendo will announce DSi VC service at E3 next week?

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Oh ho ho errr uh no I don`t
buuuutt I guess if you tell me again wink wink

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I was actually just using it in this case as a stupid joke (a really stupid joke... what was I thinking?), but I do agree. I really wish the formatting shortcuts were optional so that if I wanted to show asterisks instead of bold, I could.

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Chatham wrote:

@Cheezy, this thread started last week dude...

Oh...yeah it was.

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Darn. Not announced yet? Hm, maybe at TGS then?

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I'd love to believe that, but why wait so long? It just doesn't make sense. In fact, why would it not have been there from the start? All signs point to its not coming, unfortunately.

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I doubt we'll see it anytime soon, if at all. It seems to have been more fan driven internet speculation than anything else, and we all know how reliable that is.

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