Topic: Are USA NES Virtual Console games DARKER than their NES Counterparts?

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I've never noticed audio problems with MegaMan AC, and I never noticed the button swap, because you can use more than one button on the controller to jump and shoot, so I guess it depends how you're using it. I have had my NES hooked up at the same time as the Wii, and tried playing Zelda on both, and they looked pretty much the same to me, except the VC version is much smoother.

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@grenworthshero It's not that there's audio problems, it's the quality of the sound. The music on the NES games on the AC sounds muffled and isn't crystal clear. Some of the sound effects also sound weird, particularly in MM1 & 2. Also, some of the sounds in all 6 NES games are too quiet, and some are too loud. It's all very noticable when you compare the AC to the carts or VC versions of the games.

There are 2 jump buttons? I know that there are 2 jump and fire buttons in MM8, but on the NES games? There are 2 fire buttons (A is normal, Y is rapid-fire) and the X button is another way to slide, but where's the 2nd jump button?

That is all.

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