Topic: Would you like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks remade for the Wii U?

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If the choice is yes or no then...erm....really? Why not! Yes please.

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Bass_X0 wrote:

Would you have denied fans the Majora's Mask remake too if you had your way? The fans have been wanting that one since Ocarina of Time 3D was announced and has been greatly received upon release and selling very well.

I was about to reply, but then I saw that skywake has spared me the need to.

Here's what I think, word for word:

skywake wrote:

Anyways, the two DS Zeldas were IMO pretty great and I would like to see them on the eShop. But I don't think that their particular setup would be worth it on anything other than the original DS. The game was built around the touch screen being the primary display. On the Wii U and to some extent the 3DS the system is built such that the top screen is the main screen. It'd kinda be stupid to put all that effort into improving all the assets, making the thing all HD and shiny.... and then displaying a map on the TV

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Yes I would like a gamepad only remake of ST done in a nice 2D cell shade-y art style



Those games were optimized and designed for the DS specifically. Forgetting the Wii U, even on the 3DS, the most similar system, it would be kind of an odd choice as a remake, considering its much heavier stylus use, which was a workaround to not having a Circle Pad in the first place, it would seem kind of strange. Not sure if I'm wording my thoughts clear enough...

I'd much rather a sequel, prequel, or whatever taking place in the same world than a straight-up remake.


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The problem is, to remake these games you would have to redo all of the textures; many of the mechanics and controls, too, if they're being released for button-control. At some point you have to ask 'what's left?' Is that core game there really worth all of that effort?

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