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I own disc versions of New Super Mario Bros. U and Luigi U, but I decided to download the eShop version of the games (the two-in-one) for convenience.

The problem however is that my game saves aren't recognised on the download version; you can only begin brand new save files. Am I missing something? Or are the files incompatible?

Any help would be much appreciated! (cackle)

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Are you using a hard drive perhaps? And if so is the data from your disc saved onto the console? If that is the case then copying/moving the data from the console to the hard drive might work.

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That sounds odd seeing as I did a similar thing with Metroid Prime Trilogy, my save files were fine and they were transferred from the Wii.
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What Kazuo suggested might be a good place to start though.

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I've just tried that - moved the game save/user data to the HDD with the download - but to no avail.



@Emperor-Palpsy the exact situation you are going through happened to me roughly a year ago or so. I could never get it to recognize the disc save files in the downloaded version. My fear now is that my son broke my disc version of splatoon. I'm afraid to download the eshop version for fear of losing all that progress. I think the save files are viewed differently by the wii u. It may have some code telling it to look for the disc in the drive before loading the save files. That is my guess.

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That is bizarre.

I suspect that the reason why this is occurring, is that New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U counts as its own save data instead of utilising the separate Mario U and Luigi U save data folders of the individual releases.

I couldn't tell you for the life of me WHY Nintendo decided to change the code in this way.

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how much did it cost you to rebuy the digital versions? isn't that like $60 just for the convenience of not putting a disc in the console??

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@sillygostly I believe you're right; NSMBU+LU is classed as a single product, so there's a chance that the LU save data isn't compatible because it's built directly into the previous game.

@martinskrtel37 £19.99. The double-pack is now part of the Select range, so I sold my physical copies and actually made a profit! The downside (apart from my save files...) is that it takes up around 14GB of space for some bizarre reason.



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