Topic: So who's bright idea was it to make an Ext. HD the default Save Locale?

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Yes this is a rant.

Yes this is a way of venting frustration.

Yes, I am more than willing to delete this topic if a moderator feels I should so don't lock it, just respond and I will obey.

But there is the possibility of some discussion to share frustrations and maybe get into the technical side of why this was set up as is.

One of my biggest annoyances with the Wii U was that when an external hard drive was plugged in, the console would always use it as its primary source for saving games and save data. With only a pawltry 32GB this soon became necessary but I always feared that my external hard drive could conk out (looking back it was approx 10 years old). Recently it decided to give up its ghost it seems and won't be detected even on a PC. Hope to still extract the data but I have low hopes. I'm at least glad that I backed up almost all my save data a few months ago (not played much Wii U since due to Switch) and at worst lost my Hyrule Warriors save data but at least both Tokyo Mirage Chronicles (106hrs) and Xenoblade X (216hrs) survived!

So remember everyone, back up that data!

For the sake of discussion, anyone know why the default setting to xternal hard drives may have been done?

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What aggravates me is that it insists on trying to install to USB storage even if the device doesn't have enough space and the system memory does. You have to either move stuff out of system memory or just remove the USB device (tip: don't do this while still in the eShop, it doesn't like that). This is an issue for me because I'm using a pen drive without that much space; I know that's supposed to be a bad idea, but somehow it's worked for years with no otherr issues.

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