Topic: POLL: Which would you rather have today: Xenoblade X or Zelda Wii U?

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Hey guys, I just total'd the peoples opinions starting from the beginning of this thread and it turns out Zelda has 21 votes and XCX has 22 votes.

But before I counted them I wanted to put my vote into Zelda anyway, so this brings the voting to:
Zelda U: 22 in favor
XCX: 22 in favor, split right down the middle!

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Time to end the split, XCX for me.

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Zelda, since I never played Xenoblade before, might give it a try though with the 3DS at some point before X.

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Definitely Xenoblade. If I had it now, I might be ready to start Zelda in 2016. Now that Smash Bros. is out, I have all the gaming entertainment I need to last until the next generation. Once Xenoblade hits, though, I'll have all the gaming I can handle between the two of them for the foreseeable future.

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Zelda can wait! Xenoblade NOW! >: O



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