Topic: Nostalgia: Two Worlds | One Soul a game inspireted by the Zero Escape Saga [Kickstarter]

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Genre: Interactive adventure/graphic novel
Platforms: Wii U™, PC, Mac, Linux
Demo (prototype build, PC only):
Kickstarter Page:

In Nostalgia, you play as Alice, a child kidnapped and forced to take part in Project Nostalgia, a chain of experiments conducted to confirm the existence of an alternate universe. Other victims her age wanted nothing more than to escape. Alice, however, suffered from family abuse before her capture, and this science facility could in fact be a new home for her.

Twelve years later, the victims managed to flee from the facility. Some simply wanted to move on, while others thirsted for revenge. Meanwhile, their counterparts in the alternate universe were screaming to be let loose. Alice must pick a side, and she only prayed her decision would not anger her alter ego.



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