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I have played this game in late 2015 and I'd really like to track it down and play it again. Has anybody ever played a level like this?! Could you find it again?!

Basically, the level was a confined, single underwater room/screen filled with goombas. As goombas just float underwater (they can't swim), the idea was to swim from point A to point B (the pipe) without touching the floating goombas. The level looked like one of those water toys from the 80s - it was adorable.

IIRC the author was japanese and it was done with SMB or SMB3 graphics.
The SMM bookmarks website wasn't of help, unfortunately.
I could easily recreate the level myself and save a lot of time, but the original was so well done, I want to give credit to the original author (assuming I have played the original and not a rip off).

If you have played the level and can find it please let me know!!

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Mario Maker is now 1 Year old.... there are still MINDBLOWING Levels every day! Check this out:



I'm glaid that I didnt' buy Super Mario Maker for Wii U or for 3DS.There's a new version for real life,and it's way cheaper XD. Untitled

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I'm glad I dumped this game. It's darn near impossible to find Nintendo-like-quality levels. Most are super gimmicky and awful.

Also, it's only a matter of time until Nintendo kills Wii U online rendering this completely worthless.



Finding courses worth playing within the software is quite tricky but have a go outside of it. Join the discord, follow talented creators, perhaps get involved with the kaizo community. There are loads of excellent levels being created everyday.
And to your point about the servers getting shutdown, the community already has a contingency plan in place. Mario maker will be around for a while yet


I really hope they port it to Switch with Wii U levels cross play or something like that, just to have a pretty solid base to start from


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Here's the link to the playlist of my music levels (with the narration):

Included is a medley of Mario music, then a couple pieces from Link's Awakening and Twilight Princess, one from Illusion of Gaia, a bunch from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, a couple from the TV show Lost, and finally a Kelly Clarkson song. Enjoy!

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