Topic: King Boo could be added as a playable super smash bros Wii U character as a cloned reskinned Kirby!

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Blast wrote:

I prefer threads like these instead of the once numerous "Nintendo is dead!!!" threads. I see the guy who creates this thread as a passionate Nintendo fan who would love to see a Nintendo character in a Nintendo game. Jeez, give him a freaking break. Don't like thread? Stop reading. Get out the discussion instead of whining. At least be understanding. I haven't made fun of this guy for wanting what he wants.

If that was what the thread was about then sure, I have nothing at all against the thread topic. However OP can't take people disagreeing and seems to think that you "own" threads you create. OP is quoting just about everyone in the thread and the discussion at this point is purely about OPs conduct in general. In the first two pages of the thread OP's posts were more than 1/4 of the posts, there are pages that consist of pretty much just the OP complaining about people who don't agree.

All of which I guess might be ok if OP was at all furthering a conversation. But that's not what has happened. OP always responds with nothing that couldn't be replaced with a like or dislike button if the forum had such a thing. And yes, I get that I'm just feeding this by making another post but I think it's worth making it clear that this sort of forum conduct really annoys people. For good reason.

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Sanya wrote:

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Oh for god sakes, screw off. I for one would love to see King Boo in Smash, but I know it won't happen.
I know it's outrageous as a Kirby skin, but MUST you be aggressive? MUST the world be so gruff? Shut up already.
Can someone lock this or the creator delete this tread please. It's getting pointless. Also, for those aiming their flamethrowers at me for saying "shut up",

readies missile launcher


...Broken image, do I win? owo


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I would appreciate if everyone can play nicely next time...or perhaps there shouldn't be a next time?

I generally allow a couple of random threads to exist at a time, but not if users are going to go at each other's throats. If you don't like a thread, don't post at all.

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