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I've been playing Pokémon Battle Revolution using Wii Mode on my Wii U for a while now, but I'm getting some strange issues when I try to connect for DS Battle Mode using a 3DS playing a DS Pokémon game.

The battle will be fine for a few minutes, but eventually, at least one of the 3DS systems will lose connection to the console- this happens in nearly every battle, and I've only had a few short battles complete without connection issues. For reference, 3DS connectivity to the Wii U seems to work fine- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. don't have any issues- it just seems to be with ordinary DS connectivity to the console- and I've even tried placing the consoles less than a foot away from the Wii U.

It's a weird issue, but does anybody have any tips regarding this?



Try an actual DS, not the 3DS. That may fix your problems.




Thanks for the reply. I'll give a core DS model a shot in the next week and see if the connection is any more stable.



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