Topic: Did Cloud open the door for Goku to be in Smash Bros.?

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The addition of Cloud in Super Smash Bros. is going to undoubtedly sell Wii U's during Black Friday and Christmas.

Salute to Nintendo. They opened the doors for new characters. I never thought I'd see the day Nintendo working with their rival Sony to do something nice for the fans.

The game Cloud is from — Final Fantasy VII — was never on a Nintendo console or handheld. Also, Cloud belongs to Sony.

The announcement of Cloud in Smash really came out of nowhere.

More importantly, it opens the doors for a character like Goku to join Super Smash Bros. If Nintendo puts Goku in their game, fans would collectively show approval with their wallets. Goku would save the Wii U like he saved Earth using the Spirit Bomb powered, in part, by the people. Give Goku some of your lifeforce. You, the fans. he needs your help.

Moreover, it is not even up for debate. Unarguable. Goku would sell Wii U's — more than Cloud, in my professional opinion.

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