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Ok, so firstly, sorry I know there was already a thread for Chasing Dead, but I think the title says why this is particularly interesting...

Until Thursday (so you have 2 days left) in Europe/UK at least, the game "Chasing Dead" is reduced to £8.99 - however, as most of you will be aware, your "My Nintendo" gold points count the RRP, not the price you pay. Since the Chasing Dead RRP is £24.99,that means for £8.99 you get a decent game, and 30 gold coins

As for the game - I've seen some absolutely terrible reviews of it, mostly citing the framerate as making it unplayable. In all honesty, having spent some time with it, that seems unfair.

Bad points:

Yes it does slightly stutter fairly frequently. The framerate seems to vary from 15-25 fps, depending on whats going on onscreen, and if its loading a new area. I'm running it off my WiiU's memory - perhaps the stuttering is worse if loading from a USB device, I haven't tried it. Most of the time though its perfectly playable, unless you insist on 60fs smoothness. My recommendation - set the difficulty to EASY so you don't die if you happen to be hit by a framerate stutter or lag, and don't try and use the knife/closeup combat unless necessary. Shooting enemies from further away is smoother, for some reason. If you are used to Goldeneye on the N64, this is WAY smoother than that. In general it similar to playing a PC game on Ultra settings if your card can't quite handle it...

There are a lot of cutscenes, and also storytelling in game that use FMV actors. They are all pretty terrible actors, some clearly reading the lines for the first time, some also clearly foreign and English not their first language! On the plus side, the female actresses are all easy on the eye, and the acting gives a cheesy B-Movie "so bad its good" kind of feel.

Inexplicably, though you can play on the gamepad off screen, the music & sound isn't played through the speakers/headphone jack.

Load times between levels are fairly long.

No multiplayer (I think - not sure. I imagine if there is the framerate/lag would kill it anyway)

Takes up about 3gb of your memory - so probably not good for if you own the basic white WiiU and no external drive!

Good points:

Ignoring framerate drops, the graphics are really quite nice - decent character models, good detailed backdrops, and a lot of effects going on (fire, smoke, particles etc).

Interesting level settings - you start off in an airplane that is on fire and about to crash, play there for a bit (finding weapons, killing zombies) and then jump out. Really nice opening set piece and very atmospheric. Later on you are on top of a building in the rain trying to shoot down a wildly spiralling helicopter. Its far from realistic, but its a lot of silly fragging fun. I enjoyed the over-the-top nature of the levels I've played so far.

Weapons are pretty satisfying and chunky - you get access to a pistol and shotgun almost immediately, and they are great fun to use - they feel similar to the original Doom, Quake or Serious Sam games, and the ragdoll physics combined with the way the zombies blow up into several parts (each with their own physics) is a really nice touch.

Story is fun in a B-movie kinda way, and it really throws you in at the deep end - big action sequence, lots of zombies, big weapons upfront.


If you are deadly serious and expect stealth, thought provoking puzzles, realistic scenarios, good writing, stellar voice acting - you'll hate this. But if you want some silly fragging fun and an interactive B-Movie zombie game, I actually recommend this, whilst you can get it cheap.

I've read other reviews which talk about it crashing regularly, and mentioning single frame a second performance - I've not had either of these issues... perhaps the version I have is a newer patch? Yes the framerate isn't ideal buy its not game breaking - this is a single player, action orientated game and your aiming doesn't have to be pixel perfect in the slightest.

Is this game worth £24.99? Probably not. But for £8.99 you'll get a few hours of fun out of it as a single player, high action, silly FPS blast-em-up. My initial impressions of it were pretty good. If I hadn't have read other people's overly negative reviews, I think I would have come away giving this a solid 7/10 as a single player experience. If the framerate issues were fixed, and the load times were sped up, it could have been an 8/10.

And if you buy it in the next two days - you get 30 gold coins. Even if you don't like the game, those are gonna come in handy, no?


Cheers for the review! If I remember correctly the game is on sale until April 30, so I guess you still get 30 gold coins as long as you buy it before the end of the month?!
I haven't bought it yet but I saw a few videos and I do agree with the b-movie comparison. Actually, I think it's its cheesiness and silliness that make it appealing. Reminds me a bit of The Conduit on Wii, which I liked at the time because it didn't try to be anything more than a mindless low-budget shooter.
Chasing Dead looks like one of those games to have a laugh at with your mates while getting pissed on cheap wine listening to XTRMNTR.
Will buy if I don't end up burning all my cash on Zen Pinball 2.

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Great review, and most people are aware that the sale price doesn't equal the gold coins you receive, it's the price of the game when not on sale.

But please post your review on the existing thread, if we let everyone make a thread for every game this place would be a cluttered mess!


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