Topic: What is your one most overrated and one most underrated games you've ever played?

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To go back to underrated N64 games, there's this idea that being dated invalidates how good they are. Some people are just like "but these new games just play better, so they're better". But the reality is that a lot of modern, polished, 3D games fundamentally don't have what makes some of these games great. There's been like maybe 4 new collectathon platformers in the past decade, and I think they all came out in 2017. Until that point, you could not buy a modern, polished game that's like those games. Thus those dated games are giving you what you want, and being dated is not even a factor. It's like if you told someone to play RE5 because they want a game like RE1.

In general a lot of those games I still think are good, if often despite being dated and flawed. But I do think a big reason people still go back to that era of gaming, despite any improvements in modern games, is that modern, big budget games abandoned so many different sub-genres. There is no modern equivalent to Megaman 64 or Jet Force Gemini, or at least none I've ever heard of. There was no modern Banjo Kazooie or anything like that until 2017 it seems like. I think BOTW has the best gameplay Zelda has EVER had. However, its still different from OOT era Zelda games. While that style of game did survive past N64, what you get out of BOTW is fundamentally different than what you get from an OOT or even a WInd Waker. So if you're not into BOTW, its understandable if you're disappointed since its not the same thing. Considering how many games come out nowadays, its absurd how I can't immediately tell you of a 3D game that's a replacement for that style of Zelda.

Or just look at how Nintendo never outdid Star Fox 64. That makes no sense, but that's exactly what happened. Partially because of how those sequels were made, partially because Star Fox 64 was actually fantastic.

tl;dr: N64 (and PS1 presumably) era games are underrated partially because modern games, no matter how much more polished and improved in some areas, threw away a lot of cool things from that era that made those games great.

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Mega Man Classic
EarthBound (as a game. isolated from the gameplay aspect it's a masterpiece that deserves all the praise it gets)
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
Drawn to Life
The entire Kirby series

Yo! Noid (NES, not the sequel fangame)
Bubsy: Paws on Fire
Sonic 2 (Master System)
Knuckles' Chaotix
Rockin' Kats

Overlooked (agree with most public opinions, but think the game needs more attention):
Drill Dozer
Mole Mania
Kuru Kuru Kururin
Virtual Boy Wario Land
Dynamite Headdy



What are we considering over and under rated in this thread? For me I'm just going to go with my impression of the game vs what I have seen others say and focus on recent games fresh in my mind:

Overrated: Dragon Quest 11 in no way a bad game, I would happily say it is one of the best JRPGs in recent years - and yet it did not live up to the hype that I saw and for me felt very lacking at times in terms of story and character development. At times it was so predictable I guessed the exact lines, word for word, what characters would say and do! I was lead to believe that Dragon Quest was one of the champions of the genre, an untouchable leader of JRPGs and when I finally played it: It was "only" very good. Despite that, I still had a very fun time playing it. It just did not live up to my expectations or what I was told of the game or the series.

Underrated: Pokemon Sword and Shield so much focus was drawn by the things people disliked that everything good about the game was ignored. Yet I consider them the best Pokemon titles since the 4th generation! The music is stellar, the wild area is fun, raid battles are cool and rewarding, and building competitive teams has never been easier! I think that even more people would enjoy the games if they could set aside their internet rage.

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Overrated: Maybe Fortnite, idk, but that might be the reason why I don't buy skins or emotes so often (sadly have to get a bundle just for the Devourer, otherwise don't really want the other skins including Codename Elf).


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Overrated: Mario Kart 8 and 8 Deluxe, Goldeneye and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Underrated: F-Zero X and GX, Perfect Dark and Section 8 Prejudice.



Overrated: Breath of the Wild.
Underrated: Maiden of Black Water



Overrated: the whole LM series
Underrated: Hellblade

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I'm going to stick to Nintendo published titles...

Overrated: Mario Kart 8 DX. After having played Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, I'm not sure I'll ever be happy with Mario Kart again if Nintendo doesn't kick it up a notch in terms of playable content outside of cups.

Underrated - splitting into 2:
1. Geist - Calling this my forgotten underrated. While it's not a technically great game (it needed another 3-6 months polish), it's an incredibly innovative title that wasn't really revisited in any meaningful way until Ghost Trick and Super Mario Odyssey.
2. Drill Dozer - Now this one is just a top notch title, one of the best on the GBA. And yet, it recieved little to no advertising, and has never been revisited. I highly recommend checking it out on Wii U's VC.



Overrated “the legend of zelda breath of the wild”: yes it was good, it just wasn’t a TLOZ experience and to me it was yet another open world. It got me out of a depression and gaming hiatus on the first playthrough but looking back on it, it was highly overrated. Also the game just isn’t hard to me and everyone said how hard it was in previews which almost prevented me from buying a switch with the game.

Underrated “lollipop chainsaw”: the game was a great arcade action hack n slash game with a fun sense of humour, great replay value and great characters. It was fun to master a stage and try to rack up a high score and A+ rank every category and beating “dad’s score”. The bosses where great minus the final boss. The stages and villians all being based on a specific rock genre was fun. And the banter between nick and juliet was fun too.
Really hope it gets a remaster or a sequel on the switch.




Overrated: Outer Worlds. Boring, depressing, and non-engaging. "It's like Fallout New Vegas" my foot. Glad I tried it for free on Game Pass.
Underrated: Starlink and Daemon x Machina. Both have excellent gameplay, music, and were fun to play. They both could've used more or better plot, but the gameplay and visuals are fantastic.



Overrated: Final Fantasy 7
Did not like the „twist“ ...

Underrated: Psychonauts
Okay, maybe „underappreciated“ ...

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Overrated: Star Fox Zero.

It's worse than you think it is.



Overrated: Everything made by Sabec. I initially thought all their games are a sabotage mission from Microsoft or Sony, but then I realised that they release their horrible pests on those platforms as well.

Underrated: The last 2 Yoshi games for Wii U and Switch. As for platformers, they're high up there with the best of this and last gen. Yoshi's Crafted World and Yoshi's Woolly World are the same tier as Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker 1 & 2, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They have the ausiovisual quality, content, gameplay, level design, and secrets all in the right place. I'm glad about Yoshi's return to a Triple AAA platformer series, because Yoshi games were on a downward spiral for at least a decade.

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I like all the overrated games I've listed, they're just not quite as Good as people make them out to be.

Overrated - Xenoblade 2, Final Fantasy VI, No More Heroes 2, Muramasa the demon blade.

The below are all fantastic and should be played by more people.

Underrated - Earth Defense Force Series, Deadly Premonition, Shadows of the Damned, Ys Series and Furi.



Overrated - Skyward Sword. Very good, but not a masterpiece. You take the Zelda logo out, call it "Super guy from the sky adventures", it gets 7, 8/10 across the board, not the plethora of 10s it took just for being a zelda at the time (guess we'll see how well it's aging in a month)
Underrated - Mario Kart Double Dash and its co-op twist. Nintendo needs to add a mode to revive this idea, it was awesome.



Overrated: among us by miles
Underrated: dauntless

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Overrated Basically any call of duty or Assassin's creed. Just pick one.

Underrated Arkham origins. Yeah so Rocksteady didn't make that one. Still it feels like they really tried to make it just like all the rest. It barely seems any different or made with any less effort. Yet on the fact alone that it had a different developer it's constantly slammed.

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Overrated- Mario kart 8. I mean it’s mario kart we will always buy it and play it. Anyone can play and keep up in races with minimal skill.

Underrated- crash nitro fueled it makes Mario kart look like a children’s binky. It takes skill and no one can hop on that game and keep up if you have been putting time in. Online is vicious. But the adventure was an absolute blast and frustrating at times. Don’t even get me started on the oxide time trials.



Overrated: Pokemon Sword & Shield. I think that game sells mostly on brand recognition and people being uninformed about that there are way better RPG games on Nintendo Switch.

Underrated: World of Final Fantasy Maxima. That game is a nice ode to the series, you´ll see all kind of familiar scenes and people if you played the games. It has monster capturing and growing/evolving with very nice custom ability system. Stacking monsters in the battle mechanics is a fresh twist. If you decide to complete the game, it has a interesting story. Very underrated.


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Over rated, hmm...I’d say Dark Souls as one of the big talking points about it when I see it mentioned is how hard it is as proof of being a hardcore gamer rather than how great the game it is. Plus it doesn’t really click with me.

Under rated, Star Fox Guard. I don’t see it mentioned nearly enough when people talk about the Wii U’s great games so it’s got no chance of being mentioned in a more general sense.

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