Topic: What is your one most overrated and one most underrated games you've ever played?

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Its so ironic that even an average game, with a huge franchise attached to it can sell (and even review) so well, whereas a hidden gem, that may be ambitious or innovative often goes completely under the radar.

My most underrated game ever has to be Heros of Ruin on the 3ds. This game is a beast on 3ds! There is nothing like and it has so much charm and atmosphere. The gameplay is so accessible and the combat is satisfying. If you like diablo-like games like this play it! I just wish they would make a sequel.

My most overrated game is probably Super Mario Odyssey. I know most people won't agree with me but, its a pure ps1/n64 era collectathon. There are so many sprites that it doesn't feel as rewarding as it should to collect them. Plus the main game is so short. I mean this is a 60 dollar game, you shoudnt have finished it in 15 hours. The postgame content is ok, but still, Odyssey is my biggest disappointment since Majora's Mask on the N64 (I actually love that game now).



I don't like using the word overrated because I don't want to sound like I'm invalidating others' opinions, but one game I personally don't really see the appeal of is EarthBound. There are things I like about it but it's just not outstanding to me in any way really.

As for underrated games, I'm not sure what I'd choose as my number one most underrated, but a few games I like that don't get much attention are: Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure, Ever Oasis, Kathy Rain, and Zelda: The Minish Cap (which is pretty overlooked by Zelda standards).

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Overrated: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I like the original and Melee but Brawl was quantity over quality for me. Plus tripping? Seriously? I’m already bad enough at the game already 😁

Underrated: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii) is a cracking game, much better than the Xbox 360/PS3 version. Aside from Jedi Outcast it is the one game that really made me feel like I could use the force in a precise way. Outcast has much better lightsaber combat but for me nothing screams force powers more than lifting up a helpless stormtrooper and throwing him into the Death Star’s main laser!

I also think there is far, far too much hate levelled at Star Fox Zero. Yes it is just a HD version of Starwing SNES/ Lylat Wars N64 but there’s nothing wrong with modern updates with improved graphics. I was hesitant about playing it at first due to the controversy over the control method but after playing the training for 5 mins I couldn’t see what people were moaning about! The motion controls are optional, it even tells you do at the end of the tutorial. However, having to look down at a second screen is a pain at times, but that was an issue for many Wii U games.

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I could probably think of more with a little more time, but for now I'm gonna go with these.

Overrated: The Bayonetta games. Maybe overrated is not the best word, as I think they are probably fine games, but I just can't seem to get into them. I always feel like I have no idea what I am doing and I am just button mashing.

Underrated: The game in OP's profile pic, Rime. I guess this would be moreso for just the Switch version. The game got a lot of hate at launch for being a sloppy port (and it was), but everyone just kind of wrote it off and forgot about it after that. After it was patched, the game was perfectly playable (although still not without flaws), and I'm really glad I gave it a chance because it's probably one my most favorite games now.



Well, there is a difficult question if ever there was one.

Underrated, I am going to go for Blaze and Blade. It's a terrible, terrible game, I know, but I had sooooo much fun with that one.

Most overrated game? Uhmm... I guess Metroid Prime Trilogy. I bloody hated the game on GameCube, the controls were absolutely horrid to me, and while the Wii version was an absolute joy to control, now that aiming was actually fun to do, the game felt barren to me. It didn't give me that feeling that Super Metroid once gave me.

And I can probably say the same about every 3D Zelda game ever released. I just don't like them. I really, really dislike all of them. I know I am weird though. My favourite Zelda is a toss-up between Zelda III and Zelda II of all games. >_<

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Underrated: Star Link. I loved every minute of it and couldn't stop playing it till I reached 100% in every region. Do still have to play the DLC, so I'm looking forward to doing that soon.

Overrated: Disgea 5. I tried it, didn't like it at all. I loved the idea of the game, but when I got around to playing it I couldn't get into it at all. But this is a very personal opinion.

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@Cissero The Disgaea series is a strange thing. I spent a LOOOOT of hours in the first game, and I guess I was really bad at it, because I didn't ever get to those insanely high levels that I see online so often. Also bought Disgaea 2 but hardly even played it.

Maybe I will get Disgaea for the Switch again, just because I can't stand the fact that I didn't get too far, but I totally understand how you feel.



@Daniel36 Perhaps it has to do with how we approach a game. When I saw Metroid Prime 1 on Game Cube, I wasn't interested at all and I even play it on Walmart back in the day.

Then a few years later, I got curiosity when I saw Metroid Prime 2 Echoes on a renting store. I rent it and I fall in love with the franchise since that day. Something similar happened with FE Awakening. I saw gameplay a few months ago and then a few weeks I saw gameplay again and this time I like it and ended up buying it in the e-shop.

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Underrated: Wario World (Game Cube). I like how one progress through each world defeating enemies and sometimes mini bosses. The collectibles are also fun to obtain and some require solving a puzzle. The game also mix platforming and puzzles in a good way.

Overrated: here I don't know what to put, so I'll go with (please don't kill me for this) Zelda A Link to the Past. My first attempt was in the GBA version and I think I barely passed obtained the Master Sword since I many things weren't simple to find out and many times I got stuck.

Moving on to 2016, I buy it and tried it again on my first 3DS thanks to Nintendo e-shop, and while I had less difficulty thanks to being more experience in videogames, I don't find to be that great and don't know why it is so highly regarded in the videogame industry. I mean Skull Woods is very unforgiving and so is another two or three dungeons.

Maybe it's because my first true experience with Zelda was Ocarina of Time and I have had bad experiences like gotten stuck with with ALttP and also Link's Awakening original (or DX. Don't remember which was).

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Overrated, Uncharted 2. It's a solid action game, but I feel like everything about it is done better elsewhere. The shooting is it's strongest aspect, bit it doesn't feel any better than your average cover shooter. The platforming is a joke. I preferd Tomb raider and was disappointed when that series started emulating UC.

Underrated, Heavy Metal: Geomatrix. This was a Capcom arcade game that got a Dreamcast port. Sort of like Power Stone but with arena shooter elements mixed in. Those two games defined the Dreamcast for me, but while Power Stone still has a following, Heavy Metal is nearly forgotten.


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One underrated game I can think of is Mega Man ZX. It basically takes MMX/Zero gameplay and puts it in a Metroidvania-styled world. I've always liked MMX (more than classic Mega Man, might I add) and 2D Metroid games, so it was a nice little mashup. I like the Biometals you get from beating the maverick bosses too (especially Models HX and FX, but I still like Model X the best). The only real negative is that the map from the sub-menu doesn't make a lot of sense. Other than that, it's a solid game in the MM series that no one seems to talk about a lot.

I'd rather not use the word "overrated" for the game I'm about to talk about, but I could never get into Majora's Mask. Which is admittedly strange because I could get into most of the other Zelda games, but here I have no clue where to go after getting the ocarina back. Resetting the time back to the first day kinda wears on me, as well. I know people love it, which I 100% respect, but I have a hard time playing it. Perhaps as time goes on, I'll start to really get some progress into it.

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I'd need more time to fully think through this, but off the top of my head....

Overrated: Pikmin 3
I by no means disliked this game and even found it enjoyable at times, but I found it annoying and frustrating more than anything else. The Pikmins' AI isn't the best at times (apparently drawing a clear line over a bridge still carries the risk of some of them falling off and drowning) and I also find the time limit to be stressful. As for some of the bosses, ESPECIALLY the final boss...they felt like long grindfests. On paper they're intended to test your skills with the game and seem like excellent ideas, but the execution - again, mainly speaking for the final boss here - was annoying and frustrating.

I reached the end credits but didn't really bother with much outside of the story mode.

Underrated? I'll list a few:
Ever Oasis - Loved this game. There are a lot of good ideas here. I really hope we get another game.
Metroid: Other M - Yes, the story needs fixing, but it isn't BAD. There's a decent game with some fun mechanics buried under that. It still feels like a Metroid game to me.
Okamiden - Some dismiss this because it's on the DS. While I do prefer the original Okami, this game is certainly worth your time.

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Underrated: Kid Icarus Uprising
The few times I see it brought up it's usually from people who liked it as much as I did so I don't think I'm alone in this. Even so, it's rarely a game you see mentioned on shortlists of best games for the 3DS. Mostly because of the controls I think. I didn't have any issues with the controls and, personally, I'd say it was easily one of my favourite games on the 3DS. Especially the online mode.

Overrated: The Wonderful 101
I always see people mention this game as something that needs to be ported across from the Wii U. I remember not being that interested in it at all but getting it as a freebie on the Wii U when they were trying to keep Wii U owners happy. Having played through it? I don't think it's anywhere near as good as people make it out to be. .... and I say that as a Bayonetta super fan (i.e. I like Platinum's stuff) and someone who just listed Kid Icarus as one of the most underrated games (i.e. I'm not put off by touch controls)

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Overrated: Gris
Can't think of a harsher hype to disappointment ratio than this one. Played it three times the week I bought it to make sure I wasn't subconsciously blocking my nuance receptors; the game's so on the nose with its metaphorical elements that it ostensibly forces itself to rely purely on its aesthetic and puzzle elements, the former being quite lovely if not a tad sparse (Ori and the Blind Forest, Gorogoa, Obra Dinn, Inside, Journey, and more all have equally if not more compelling visuals, all finding more intriguing ways of utilising their aesthetic choices in gameplay than Gris does), and the latter being vapid and trite, even on a first playthrough. It's obvious to see a lot of love went into the game, but it doesn't control as smoothly as its visuals would have one believe, and it doesn't manage to weave a story any more compelling than any of the aforementioned titles, let alone countless other ones I haven't mentioned. Most frustrating of all, arguably, is the game is constantly dangling collectible doodads in your face and few of them facilitate any logical approach to acquisition. 100%ing this game was such a chore because it is a ridiculously linear experience so you are constantly coming up against walls trying to track stuff down. If the movement speed were upped by 30% and bonus tidbits were removed from the game, you'd immediately have a stronger title, though I'm still not sure I'd be willing to pay with the knowledge I now have.

Underrated: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Was absolutely overjoyed to learn this had been ported to iOS devices. Maybe not overrated per se, but definitely underappreciated. It had many flaws with its puzzles but the story was wonderful, with rich characters and beautiful presentation. I really felt this game would launch its own series when it first came out and in subsequent years its been all but forgotten by many. Would love to see a sequel on the Switch but that's a tall order to say the least.



As for overratted i can think of two right off hand. That Journey game on PSN. Sure it looks pretty but i could also see myself being extremely bored with it very quickly.

Also that one called everybody's gone to the rapture. First of all what a stupid unappealing name for a videogame. The premise sounds like a real snooze. Basically sounds like a walking simulator but reviews are constantly praising the game like it's so revolutionary and thought provoking. I swear if one more person reccomends that game i think I'm gonna puke!

Now for underrated i gotta go with Double Dragon neon. IGN gave it an extremely negative review which really kinda irked me. They bashed the 80's theme and music calling it cheesy. Nevermind the fact that this was exactly the intention. It's supposed to be that way genious! They called it a tired rehash of a dead Genre. The guy who wrote the review acted like he had no interest in beat em ups what so ever. I just kept thinking to myself then why the hell are they paying this guy to review the game!?

I personally loved it and it was the most fun I'd had with a retro revival type game in quite a while! Plus it was developed by none other than Wayforward. Now tell me how many bad games by them have you played? Seriously that reviewer was off his nut! That game rules!

Oh yeah one more. Star fox zero. Loved it myself but everybody wanted to rag on it for having poor controls and saying it was too awkward having to look down at the gamepad to aim your shots. Wanna know a secret that i bet 90% of you didn't even realize? You know the select button? Press it and be amazed as it switches to cockpit view on your TV screen eliminating the need to even look at the gamepad screen ever! That's right reviewers docking points for bad controls. I just blew your minds and rendered your biggest complaint null and void!
Seems almost nobody figured that out.

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@Zeldafan79 it's cool you have your preferences and w/e but are you really gonna put games you haven't played on your overrated section? That goes against the point of the thread.



Underrated: Wario Land 2. For sure one of the best 2D platformers on any system. Very creative level design, with Wario's many transformations and the crazy boss fights being a highlight. There aren't many games where you fight a giant rabbit that attacks by jumping on your head, turning you into a basketball, and throwing you into a hoop (of course the key to defeating him is to stomp on his head, turn him into a basketball, and throw him into the hoop). And it's still plenty challenging even though Wario cannot die. Falling off a highrise building or getting knocked into a river has the same effect as losing a life in that you have to replay part of the level.

Overrated: New Super Mario Bros. It's not a bad game by any stretch, but it didn't live up to the hype at the time and doesn't stack up to the classic 2D Mario games or the ones they've released since. The Mega Mushroom is fun, but too much of a gimmick. The name is probably the worst part, as it feels like a placeholder title from an early E3 (that Nintendo didn't bother to replace) and the game was only going to be "new" for about a year.



I don't know about underrated but the game i own that's most overrated is Starfox for SNES . Everytime i pop it in my hardware based HD SNES reproduction system i never make it past the first level because the graphics and gameplay suck that bad IMO. It's cool to pop in to show the younger generations in my family what 3d graphics looked like back in the day. I'm glad i kept a lot of my SNES games but Starfox is not one of them

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@cryptologous To be completely honest, I had never heard of nor laid eyes on Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective until the site did a "Best DS Games" article/meta-poll a few months ago. I researched it, realized what I was missing, then promptly grabbed it off of Amazon. I'm not sure when I'll get around to it yet, but at least I have it! 😁

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Overated: wii sports. Its very meh for me.
underrated: Go Vacation (wii). Really fun game even though some of the mini games are kinda meh it was just a really good time and the overworlds were really cool and is a blast with a friend.



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