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My Google image fu turned out the following picture:

It is a picture of how the different Zeldas would react if the corresponding Links were to confess "I love you". I must confess to not understanding the jokes behind most of the reactions.

Skyward Sword: Zelda is Link's childhood friend, is close to him, and is emotionally open, so she responds right back with the same phrase.

A Link to the Past: I suspect this is at least influenced by Shotaro Ishinomori's manga adaptation, depicting Link and Zelda as personally close but kept apart by their roles. A Link Between Worlds have some pieces that validate this interpretation.

I don't get any of the others though. >_> Does anyone else have any speculation about them?

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My take -

WW Zelda has somewhat of an abrasive personality (in a good way though, if that makes sense), making her "Idiot!" reaction understandable.

Ocarina Zelda is expressing shock/confusion, since there's no foundation from her perspective for why Link would feel that way.

LoZ Zelda's confusion is understandable since Link and Zelda don't know each other at all until he saves her at the very end of the adventure — it would be coming too fast out of nowhere.

TP Zelda has a fairly stoic personality, so her emotionless-reaction fits her character.

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