Topic: Ocarina of Time is way scarier than Majora's Mask

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I love Twilight Princess but it has always been a very clear attempt to be a "cooler" Zelda after Wind Waker happened and to be a return to form of the N64 games' style to some degree. It's twice the dark imagery with half the substance.

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Majora for me, for all the reasons those have said, it also has much darker implications. For instance, The All-Night Mask used to be a torture device that'd they'd lock onto people's faces with the bars to force them to stay awake. Oot did have scary parts though, particularly the ReDeads and the boss in the well.

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@Tasuki Funny you mention Burger King in an OoT topic.
The Fire Temple Goron chant that was removed from later revisions supposedly due to religious sensitivity (even though date stamps in the ROMs would suggest later revisions of the game was developed near or at the same time as the earlier revisions were shipping to stores)... I thought they were singing the BK jingle (I played it first a few years after release and recall a commercial running at the same time that sounded REALLY similar).


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