Topic: In Zelda: A Link to the Past, is there a way to get to this particular patch of land in Zora's Waterfall?

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Just by looking at it on that map, it doesn't look like you can get there. Maybe at some point the devs were planning to put something there but at the last minute didn't for any number of reasons and so blocked it off.

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I'm starting to think so, because there's no way to get to it. I'm kinda shocked that not more people are aware of this. These days there's so many videos about people who find the smallest details in video games and this bush is very noticeable when playing.



@Cyborger Well the thing I find odd is those fence pieces around the heart and such. They are no where else in the game, you can't smash them down with the hammer, it's almost like it was added in at the last minute.

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this i find interesting.
later on im gonna do some looking around and see what i come up with.
i hope more people respond here...

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As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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It's just a decorative bush.

No need to hide the unicorn fountain underneath it.


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Anyone ever bother to hack/glitch their way up there?

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I don't remember doing anything with that bush, and I collected all the heart pieces.

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I'm glad we can go literally anywhere in BOTW, if everyone obsessed over a little bush or patch of grass in that game, we'd have a huge problem!

If you can't get to it, it's probably not of importance. How do we even know it hides a hole to begin with?



Hi. For those asking me how I know there's a hole there, I believe that throwing a bomb or using one of the medallions destroys the bush.

To Octane: It's not as if I was obsessing over every little thing in the game, it's just that this seemed out of place.



@Cyborger I just took the game out to test if I could destroy the bush, but none of the medallions did anything (I think they just affect enemies) and I was not able to get a bomb up there or close enough to destroy it. I remember that bush bugging me before when I first played trough the game though haha.
I'm certain with hacks at least, that you can get to the bush, but I'm not really knowledgable in that area so I don't really know how to do so.

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@yokokazuo Thanks for trying. Like someone said earlier, it was probably going to be something, but they decided not to do anything with it. Or maybe it's just a lonely little bush. LOL.



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