Topic: Different ways Breath Of The Wild pays tribute to older 2D Zelda games, especially the first one

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There are quite a few ways Breath Of The Wild pays tribute to older 2D Legend Of Zelda games. Especially the first one. Here are 8 ways I know of:

1. You can explore everywhere and complete the game in any order you want.
In the original Legend Of Zelda, you can also explore the entire over world map and can play quite a few of the levels out of order.

2. Just like the original Legend Of Zelda, you need a minimum of 13 hearts to get the Master Sword.

3. Speaking of the Master Sword, when you have all of your hearts, it shoots a beam. True, this has been the case in other 2D Zelda games, but it is lacking in the other 3D games.

4. When you go through the Lost Woods, the final 4 directions the torch tells you to go are south, west, north, west.
In the original Legend Of Zelda, those are the 4 ways you need to go to get through the Lost Woods.

5. There are many places where you can take a raft to get somewhere.
In the first 2 Zelda games, there is also a raft you get.

6. There is a treasure chest game with 3 chests and if you win, you can save your game or if you lose, you can re-load and try again.
In the original Legend Of Zelda, if you win that game, you can press start on controller 1 and up and A on controller 2 and save and if you lose, you can reset and try again without losing and Rupees.

7. This one is sort of a roll reversal. You start in a cave with nothing and then the first person you meet when go out is an old man.
In the original Legend Of Zelda, you start outside of cave with no sword or shield and the first person you see when you go into the cave to get your sword is also an old man.

8. This one isn’t exactly as similar as the others, but it sort of counts. If you kill enemies, they stay dead until a blood moon and then come back to life.
In the original Legend Of Zelda, If you kill all of the enemies on the screen and go far enough away, they will be back again when you return to the same screen.

So, can you think of any other ways Breath Of The Wild pays tribute to older Legend Of Zelda games? If so, please comment below and let me know.



There’s a waterfall by Hateno village that at the right angle resembles the Legend of Zelda title screen.

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