Topic: Did you ever own both versions of the Pokemon or Mega man battle network games?

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I always had to pick one or the other. You know like Pokemon Red or blue and Battle network red sun or blue moon. it always bugged me that i felt i could be missing something. I kinda hated how they did that with these games. I wondered if i wasn't really getting the full experience if i only owned one but buying both meant shelling out double the cash.

As i understand it each game had exclusive pokemon or exclusive bosses and such. Are they still basically the exact same stories or is it like the two zelda oracle games where both are their own separate game and together they make one big game?



I only bought both games in two instances. Black 2 and White 2. I got both of those for Christmas gifts, but really only played Black 2, due to liking the legendary better.

I also bought both Sun And Moon, and that’s when I decided that I’ll never willingly buy both games ever again. Mainly because I played Sun once, and hated it, so I didn’t want to double dip on an experience I already had zero fun with.

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@Zeldafan79 Oracles was the one game I regret not buying both when they were released.

With Pokemon games, it generally was just the available Pokemon were different, and some small plot edits to account for the different legendaries.
I've read Black and White 1 had one city whose gimmick required playing the two versions together in multiplayer (otherwise it would just be a deserted place).
BW2 requires linking both versions to unlock the entire postgame content (though that effectively locks out a couple legendaries and the opposite version of two reskin variations of the same sidequest).
Probably the most significant change between them is Gen 7. The Moon versions exclusively run with AM and PM effectively reversed between real and in-game time.



I have all Pokemon versions except Pokemon Shield (+ expansion) and Pokemon Let's Go duo.



I owned Pokemon Red and my friend had Blue. From what I remember no there is no difference story wise from those two not sure about other Pokemon games but the only difference between Blue and Red are the Pokemon you could catch.

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The only games in the Battle Network series that feel different enough to play the opposite version is 5 and 4. 3 is the least different from it's opposite out of these mentioned with 6 being close. 4 has a whole set of different little stories to go with different tournament navis. 5 has those liberation missions and the character changes do feel significant for the overall series story.



I owned all versions of all these games (including all three versions of that one Mega Man Star Force game where one of the three versions was GameStop exclusive) up to Pokemon Black 2. At that point, I began to notice that, whilst there may indeed be differences and those differences were occasionally significant, there was never enough difference to justify the cost and/or the time of playing both - particularly with the advent of wifi meaning that so much of the other version's Pokemon, etc. was no longer out of reach.

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