Topic: Conker - is it worth playing if you don't like crude humour?

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People only ever talk about this game's humour and not its gameplay, does it stand up on it's own if you don't like overly crude humour? I've enjoyed Banjo 1 so far and I don't mind DK64 that much so I've been wondering whether to try this game or not.



@Noid The game is fun on its gameplay merits, but the humor is pervasive. A boss is a giant poop pile. You can’t really separate the two.
It’s sort of like trying to enjoy Game of Thrones if you don’t like Medieval settings.


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Just like Rare's other N64 outings, the gameplay for Conker is quite fun. The humor, however, is very subjective, so you're going to love or hate it. If you want to find that out, you can either watch videos on Youtube, or just play the game yourself. Personally, I love the crude and dark humor of the game.


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Not really. The gameplay itself is kind of meh. Basically just a generic platformer where you jump around and use whatever abilities the developers feel like making you use it (there's literally a mechanic where you press B on a pad to get a context sensitive ability and different levels are themed around completely different gameplay styles). And like @HobbitGamer said, the humor is ingrained into the gameplay as well.


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