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I believe some of you have ever heard or played any Konami's Rhythm games on consoles and or Arcade such as :
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Beatmania IIDX
3. Guitar Freaks & Drummania
4. Pop'n Music
5. Keyboardmania
6. Para Para Paradise
7. Jubeat
8. Dance ManiaX
9. Mambo a Gogo
10. Sound Voltex

I believe some of you have very different taste in rhythm games, adoring musics made by Japanese artist such as from Naoki Maeda, Naoki feat. Paula Terry, DJ TAKA (Takayuki Ishikawa), Sota Fujimori, Yuiichi Asami (U1/2MB), TERRA (Naoki Maeda + Junko Karashima), DJ Yoshitaka, Tatsh (Tatsuya Shimizu), DJ TECHNORCH, Be For U (Riyu Kosaka, Noria, Yoma Komatsu, Sayaka Minami, etc), DJ Command, Ryu*, etc.

If you have ever played any Konami's Rhythm games on consoles such as PS1 / PS2 / XBOX / XBOX 360 / Wii / Dreamcast / Gamecube, please share your experience here from what is your favorite Konami's Rhythm games / least favorite from the series, what is your favorite music genre from Konami's rhythm games,
what is your favorite artist from the musics you have ever heard and played, what songs you have ever played, what difficulty level you can beat the songs, how do you compare between Japanese rhythm games with Western rhythm games from the songlist aspect, etc.

I start from mine.
I have been playing DDR for more than 17 years and still active playing DDR until today despite the pandemic halt my playing DDR arcade ritual until the situation is safe, i can play DDR songs until level 18 by certain Boss songs, i like to listen DDR MP3 songs almost everyday from my smartphone, i have DDR + Para Para Paradise + Drummania + Pop'n Music console versions as well, i keep following the latest information of newest DDR (DDR A20+), i really got hyped by TOHO Eurobeat songs on DDR A20+

I like Eurobeat music very much so Para Para Paradise PS2 is my second best rhythm game from Konami.
Too bad, the arcade machines have been removed from game arcades as it lost its popularity during year after year 2010.
I also like to play Drummania Arcade and PS2 version and i got drum skill from playing Drummania Arcade despite i still awful in some hard Drummania songs and i can beat until level around 60 on Drummania.
I like the musics from Beatmania IIDX but i rarely played them as it requires piano finger skill to beat the game.

The Best DDR for me are DDR Extreme PS2 Japan, DDR Extreme PS2 USA, DDR MAX 2 PS2 USA, DDR X PS2 USA, DDR Ultramix 4 XBOX, DDR Universe 3 XBOX 360, DDR II Wii.
The Worst DDR for me is DDR 2010 on PS3 / XBOX 360 / Wii as it has very awful licensed songs and pretty weak Konami original songs.

My favorite Konami's rhythm artist are Naoki Maeda with his aliases and wide range of his music characteristic, Sota Fujimori for his Cyber Trance songs, Takayuki Ishikawa for his Classic Renaissance Trance songs, TERRA for very Japanesque / Anime songs, DJ Yoshitaka for his Hard Trance musics, Kozo Nakamura for his J-Rock, Hideyuki Ono for his Ska and Epic Rock, Tatsuya Shimizu for his epic musics such as Xepher, Zenius-i-vanisher, Reunion, Red Zone, etc.

I felt pity for Konami that lost a lot of their artist due to infamous policy and scandals i heard from their company, forced some of Konami's artist moved to other game company such as SEGA, Capcom, etc.
Also, since Konami stopped caring about home console of their rhythm games long time ago, they keep focusing on arcade release with e-amusement system to unlock cretain new songs.
With lack of Konami's Rhythm games on newer consoles such as PS4, XBOX ONE, Switch, i felt something really missing from gaming experience as it replaced by bunch of Just Dance games by Ubisoft with boring and horrible licensed songs for my taste. The era of golden rhythm games was over, replaced by awful rhythm games with awful song list by Western companies.

So, let's we start from your opinion and experiences.
Tell me if i'm not the only user here that really adoring Konami's Rhythm games.

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Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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I've never been big a fan of rhythm games (way to lazy to move about so much) but I used to enjoy the guitar hero games back on the 360.
Beat Saber is probably the only game I still play that could loosely fall in the rhythm genre.

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