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Sony’s first State of Play was today:

I think the format has potential, but there weren’t too many exciting announcements. I’m curious to hear the rest of the community’s thoughts.
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Meh. So much meh. They're really trying to push VR.

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The VR just sapped the life out of the whole thing. For the record, I'd have said the exact same thing if a Nintendo Direct revealed a bunch of tiny little VR projects. VR is the tech fever dream that refuses to die no matter how many times the market rejects it.



If they'd announced this as VR focused, it'd have been fine. But they set horrible expectations for someone like me without PSVR. And yeah just... CTR I'd already decided on getting (on Switch of course) and they didn't show anything really special, MK11 doesn't interest me. I mean, not to mention the crash after I realized the new Iron Man game they were showing I'd never actually want to play since it's VR. That indie dungeon game was the only thing of interest really. Not to mention the whole thing felt rather... lifeless I guess?

Good news is, there's really nowhere to go but up.



As someone with PSVR I'll admit Iron Man VR was a very exciting way to start the stream, but it definitely slowed down after that. I'm looking forward to Everybody's Golf VR as well, and may get Blood & Truth based on how it reviews, but none of the normal games in the stream really spoke to me.

I do like the format though. Once PS5 is getting ready to release, I'm sure things will be much more exciting from an announcements standpoint (they could give more attention to Japanese games, too. Sure Nintendo Directs tend to be be more Japanese focused, but they make sure to highlight western games as well when they're coming, like Doom, Crash, Fortnite, Hellblade, Cuphead, etc.).

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