Topic: How is Sonic not a legendary character like Mario?

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rallydefault wrote:

Never liked Sonic. I hated the physics in the original games. I liked the cartoon when I was a kid, though.

But someone said it best - "History is written by the winner." And now, it's kind of fun and popular to hate on Sonic. Each new game that comes out is already doomed to preemptive hate because of the last few releases. They've dug a monstrous hole.

I don't remember Lost World being doomed, for the most part people were excited for the "Sonic meets Super Mario Galaxy" tag line and had high hopes for it, Boom was doomed from the get go just by the redesigns and being based on the cartoon.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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Because besides Sonic 1, 2 and CD all its games are pretty terrible, Mario games have some kind of base, some games might be worse than others, but i dont think you can call them downright bad or awful... I mean, theres NO mario game that comes even slightly CLOSE to how bad are Sonic Boom and Sonic 06, i played both (because im a masochist) and i rather play Mario is Missing

And i still think Sonic games gets stale much faster than most Mario games, but i actually dont know why

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Artwark wrote:

@MorphMarron but what about Sonic CD? and his speed platforming gameplay? Isn't that something that no one else has done?

I feel you hit the nail on the head. After Super Mario Bros there were tons of platformers trying to repeat his success. But after Sonic there weren't tons of speed platformers with loop de loops, etc. The story repeats with Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure.

Still Sonic has an amiibo figure, appeared in Wreck-it Ralph (unlike Mario) and not even his poorly received string of recent games have killed him. He is probably the only mascot with attitude that survived from the 90s. Maybe he is a legendary character after all, even if no award is given to him.

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Because almost every Sonic game over the last 20ish years has been awful...? Mario titles generally don't see such a dip in quality, the odd title in the "New Super Mario Bros." series notwithstanding. Oh, and Mario Sunshine.

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Sonic is legendary, its recent games are not. And this is because the Sonic creators don't make Sonic games any more. That's why. Quite simple. I wish that Sega would hire those people again and fired all those useless people that they are paying now!

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Sonic was great to begin with, the fast paced action of the first game was a lot of fun and really cool (at the time). Problem is, the games got worse, a few good ones here and there but mostly bad. Sonic is in no way a bad character, it's just his games stink. Mario has been around for years and all of his main series games (not including sports, karting etc.) have always been a lot of fun from beginning to end and Nintendo always know how to change him up in the right way. Sega just don't have that with Sonic, hell they even tried using guns to bring in "mature" players to the Sonic franchise.

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Because his games have kind of been really sucking for a while now while Mario's games have been great to critically acclaimed. While I'd say he's iconic, he's also iconic for both the right and wrong reasons(somehow)

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