Topic: Can have both a computer and a Switch plugged into my monitor?

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So I have my computer AND my switch plugged into the same monitor, and I turn my computer on and I can't see my switch. I try turning on the switch, and it says that it's gonna show the switch on my monitor, but it doesn't show up. Do I need to turn my computer off or something?



You can only have one active input feed coming into a monitor and displayed AFAIK. So either swap the input plugs, or use a switcher.


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Even if a device has two or more inputs, only one can be used at a time. On a TV you can change between them using the remote, on a monitor you should have some buttons, somewhere (probably the right side or bottom) and be able to do the same.

The reason for having more than one input is so you do not have to physically change connections as often. I have my PC, PS4 and Switch plugged into my TV's 3 HDMI ports, for example. And I have PS3 and Wii U plugged into a smaller computer monitor via its 2 ports.

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You can, the 2 TV's i use at home have a smart feature, which switches between which device is on automatically. On a monitor, you'll have buttons somewhere which will let you change which input is on.



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