Topic: Pokemon 6th Gen Trade/Battle Requests

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@pamperedprincess I can help yes. message me

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A bit late to the parade, but I'm collecting Vivillon patterns. I'm still missing Archipelago, Icy Snow, Jungle, Meadow, Monsoon, Polar, River, Sandstorm, Savanna, Sun, and Tundra. Marine with no nickname would be nice, too. Poké Ball and Fancy pattern as well, but I might not have anything special enough to offer in return.

Since it's just for pattern collecting I'm not bothered about nature, ability and so on. I can offer Garden and Continental pattern in return. I also got a Modern, Elegant, and Marine I could trade if absolutely necessary (Marine has a nickname, though). Alternatively I can offer whatever non-legendary can be caught/bred without trouble in X and Omega Ruby including trade evolving which doesn't require items (Y and Alpha Sapphire, too, but that would take a while since I haven't finished them yet).

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Hi, new to forums so idk if I posted this in the right place sorry.

Looking for a snorlax with the HA gluttony, I battle my friend often and we always try to bring new Pokemon in every battle, but I’m stuck in omega ruby being unable to catch a snorlax or munchlax with gluttony, and being unable to breed for a gluttony snorlax as none of mine have it.

I’d really appreciate anyone who had one if they wanted to trade with me, I can give some oras legendaries to x and y players and yveltal and xerneas to any oras players.




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