Topic: A Legend of Zelda/Mario themed Clash of Clans game could work for Nintendo.

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I wish there was a Mobile Channel to discuss this but there isnt, this would be the closest place to talk about it.
Would anybody else like to see Nintendo create a Legend of Zelda or a Mario themed Clash of Clans Defense Tower type of game? I think it would be the perfect type of game for Nintendo to create for their Mobile games with Dena. Clash is one of the highest played games and grosses some of the highest revenue ever for mobile games, so with Nintendo it would be highly profitable. Also for the fans it would be addicting and something that would work for casuals and fans of Nintendo.

Scenario 1 - Legend of Zelda Tower Defense game.

  • You'll use Hyrule Castle as your base. It will start as a smaller castle and become bigger as you rank it up. You can use bricks and buildup to higher and stronger steel walls and a moat as your defense. You could use hyrule guards, warriors, knights, golems, fairies, and other allies as your troops to attack other castles. And you would use Link with his sword and Zelda with a bow and arrow as your heroes.

Scenario 2 - Mario Themed Clash of Clans game

  • Peaches castle could start off small and get stronger and bigger as you rank it up. You could build blocks and different type of walls for your defense. The troops could be goombas, turtles, to hundreds of possibilites, kind of like super mario maker, as troops to attack other bases. Mario and Luigi or Peach could be your heroes as you try to invade other peoples castles. Maybe you have to destroy Bowser or save peach in that kind of scenario.

I mean this is just an idea but i think it could work and be extremely profitable, as tower defense games are the most profitable in Mobile games at the moment. Anybody else have ideas on how this could be better?



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