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Yeah it is boring and empty, but I think that fits with the whole theme of the place. It's the "safehouse" you find along the way on your dangerous journey. It works because it's a temporarily pause in the story pacing.

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I liked Mor Ardain most because it's got a real steampunk vibe going on.

Still, Leftheria is the one place in the game that's free of corruption and decay so I can see why so many would like it.



I love the atmosphere of Mor Ardain as well. I just wish they had done more with the old factory and industrial districts.

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Time for the next question:
Who's your favorite Driver/Blade combo?

Mine is Rex/Corvin. I love playing solo with Rex and he's awesome at doing that with Corvin as his blade.
Most playthroughs I pick up Corvin as soon as I can (early chapter 2) and make him my main blade. Once I hit Chapter 4, I go solo with Rex and start wrecking everyone who stands in my way.

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@Rexenoboy I haven’t played that far through but Nia and Dromarch are the best in the early game. Both move set and personality wise.


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Putting Corvin with Rex is a great way for me to complete driver combos early on in the game. I also have Nia do Break with Crossette, then do a Launch with Nim for fusion combo effects.

Rex is also very good with Megalances, and Wulfric was probably my main attacker in Chapter 4. I gave him an HP Attack Boost aux core, which makes Arts like Strong Horn a great way to start and finish battles in one or two hits for most monsters. Although by postgame (before DLC and patches), I gave Wulfric to Morag for her to perform Smash. I also gave Morag the Graphite Greaves and Jet Pauldrons to increase Topple and Smash damage with Wulfric, and have her start a Blade Combo for Volcano.

Rex with Nia and Pyra may not be most optimal, but they have a really cool Level IV Special together so I tend to have them both on Rex.

I really liked using Greataxes with Zeke, especially with his Berserker Slash. I usually give him either Zenobia or T-elos depending on the composition. Oh and his Eye of Shining Justice is stupidly fun to use with Pandoria.

Tora with Poppi QTπ is a must have for me. Not only is she incredibly powerful, but her Speedy Sword art combined with a Beta/Master Scope accessory is how I managed to get by in a lot of postgame battles.

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Nia and Dromarch sure have a great dynamic going on. It's also very fun to explore the world riding on Dromarch's back.

I see you've played around quite a bit with drivers and blades. Nice diverse list of combinations you've got there!

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I've returned to this game after all this time. When I played it when it was new, almost none of the DLC was out yet, so there's quite a bit of new content for me to explore this time. 30 hours have gone by in a heartbeat as this game has pulled me back in hard-core.

They didn't patch out that great core crystal grinding spot in Mor Ardain did they? I just got back there.

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