Topic: WSJ report: Nintendo to launch two new Switch models in 2019

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@rallydefault What's more amusing is fanboys will pay ps4 pro and xbox 1x prices but complain how come the NSW is so expensive. Really?

NSW Myths busted
1. Not powerful but can out due sales to ps4 and xbox
2. Not enough games but yet Indies and Developers are coming aboard not only because of Censorships.
3. Now it's want a smaller Lite NSW and will buy if cheaper.

Do we see where this is going now....



It's not a myth that it isn't as powerful, though. It's factual, like Mortal Kombat. Just because Switch can run a version of something doesn't mean it's just as powerful. I don't really know what you mean.


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I think a Switch Pro is a good ide, not so much on the Switch mini. I don't wont to buy a different pair of joy cons just to use it. A Switch Pro could just have better interiors



@GuyWithATV Well a Switch mini would be aimed at a younger audience like the 2DS was.

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@GuyWithATV While I personally wouldn't be interested in a Switch Lite/Mini and would much prefer a pro version, I think the very idea of a cheaper model makes sense. A lower price point is attractive to both those who don't have a ton of money to drop on extras and to parents who don't want to spend an arm and a leg on entertainment for their kids (some kids are pretty rough on their devices....). As much as I hate to admit it, the 3DS is on its way out; a cheaper, more portable Switch model would gradually slide into the gap in the market that'll be left in the 3DS's wake.

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True, true lol

But I like what I'm seeing in gaming lately. Seems that people are finally realizing that games can be amazing even without insane power behind them. Tech will be so affordable over the next couple years that any console will be able to hit 4k easily, even a "pro" Switch or whatever.



I'm fine with the Switch mini happening, but I want to be possible for me to pair it with my regular joy cons. That's my only problem.



Have I missed something with the few "smaller Joycon" posts? Is it official that the actual form factor is going to be smaller? I thought "mini" was just a naming device we're giving it until we actually know what it is, not literally what it is lol



@rallydefault Nah, it's just about the concept. Call it Mini, or Lite. But the idea of something cheaper, like the 2DS. The problem is that if they fuse the Joy-Con to the Switch, or change it size, games like Labo won't work anymore, and for a system targeted at younger children, that would be very strange. So I think they need to keep the dimensions the same. But then you gotta wonder what they can do. Remove rumble and the touch screen perhaps. Can't put lower specs in it, that's for sure. I need to see it first, because it's difficult to imagine what it can be.



A switch mini now absolutely makes sense, but compatibility is an issue. I can see Nintendo making something similar to the current unit but a lot cheaper. Or just remove the premium the current model brings. Especially with Pokemon coming out this year. Cheaper model bundled with Pokemon? Every 7 year old will own a Switch.

@SwitchForce none of your points make any sense and your white knighting comes off as cringy.

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I will ask again here, how exactly does a Switch Mini work? The portable screen is already too small to read text in games without eye strain and everyone is saying to make them smaller? Plus the controllers really cannot get smaller without making it even more uncomfortable to grip, so where does the smaller size come from?


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