Topic: Would you buy a Final Fantasy I - VI collection?

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Square Enix would stand to make a the lawsuit that would no doubt happen if Nintendo released their games on Switch without their permission.

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Obviously wasn't suggesting Nintendo release something they don't own, but the original versions became classics and most of their re-releases have been huge successes allowing new generations to enjoy them. Why stop now? If you ask me one of the biggest mistakes Sony has made with the PS4 is not allowing people to purchase classic Sony games digitally and not bringing forward existing digital libraries. Nintendo did some amazing things with the 3ds online store giving players access to classic games that hadn't been easily available for a long time. Why stop now?



I'd rather have all the games up to FFX, especially since most of my favorites are the later games(7-10)

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Anyone else remembers that they made a 3D-enhanced remake of the PSP version of FFI for the 3DS?

It was a bonus with for purchasing that mediocre multiplayer Final Fantasy game. Only in Japan.

Isn't that such a waste?

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I have 1-10 on my Vita so wouldn't feel the need and given how much SE charge for some of their mobile ports, I'd imagine them slapping a hefty price on this.


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