Topic: Will there be a US New Year's eShop sale like the UK?

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New switch owner here. Due to my young kids and my desire to not have them handle (and lose) switch cartridges, I'm going digital on games.

I'm waiting to pick up Mario Kart and Mario Tennis on sale. Nintendo currently has them on a New Year's sale for the UK but no love for the US.

Does anyone suspect whether the US will get a similar sale? If so, any idea when? The UK got. Black Friday sale a day or two before the US but we are now a week into the UK sale with no move in US prices.



While Switch sales go live all the time, the bulk of the sales go up on Thursday afternoon I think. So if we don't get anything at that time, I'd say it's pretty unlikely we're gonna get it, unless they just decide to do some random sale later on.



Mario Kart 8 is 30% off on the US eshop right now, for $41.99. The game's eshop page says the sale ends Jan 16
But Mario Tennis is not on sale.

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