Topic: Will the fighter pass be available separately for the full bundle?

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Anyone know if you will be able to buy the fighters pass separate from the full game? Couldn't find it in the eshop...

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Nope, they are making it bundle exclusive, they are saying screw the physical buyers, and if you bought the standard digital. buy it again with the pass!

...pretty sure once the game goes live you can buy the pass, but why they don't have it out now is a bit weird.

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my guess is it will be sold inside the game, than redirect to no need to post it for pre order

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@MasterJay It'll be purchasable on December 7th. Switch has a situation where DLC is not purchasable outside of game + DLC bundles until the game launches. For example there was a Xenoblade 2 + expansion pass bundle on the eshop when the expansion pass was announced on November 7th 2017 but those who wanted physical couldn't buy the expansion pass until December 1st 2017 when the game launched.


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