Topic: Will a Mario Sunshine HD/remake and/or Monster Hunter be on the Switch?

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I'm new to this website, so apologies if a similar thread already exists somewhere. What do you guys think is the probability of a Sunshine HD/remake on the Switch? It is one of my favorite games of all time, and is definitely my favorite 3D Mario game. However, for unknown reasons my Sunshine disk randomly quit working on both my Wii and my Gamecube, so now I'm really hoping that they come out with an HD version of it on the Switch. With the new Mario game presumably coming out at launch, I doubt it'll be released for a while, if they do decide to make it. I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the Wii, and the only Nintendo Handheld I own is a Gameboy Color, so I'm not too sure what Nintendo's protocol is on how many Mario games they usually have per system. Does it seem possible that Sunshine might make an appearance on the Switch? I'm also curious about Monster Hunter. I have very fond memories of Monster Hunter Tri, so I'd be very disappointed if there wasn't a Monster Hunter on the Switch. Seeing as Monster Hunter Double Cross is coming out for the 3DS, do you guys think they'll be making a new one for the Switch, or at least porting one over?

Sorry if the answers to these questions are really obvious. Like I said, I haven't played a Nintendo system for years, and I've been primarily playing games on PC, so I'm not totally sure how Nintendo, and gaming companies in general, go about stuff like this.

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