Topic: Which third parties do you want to see teaming up with Nintendo on the Switch?

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So we had a lovely exciting list of third party partners revealed to us (albeit to be taken with a pinch of salt) and no doubt some have people very excited but there will be many missing. So who do people want to see Nintendo team up with on the Switch that were not on that list, and for what games?

My top choice is Insomniac, made famous with Playstation's Ratchet & Clank series. Though R&C is Sony owned Insomiac remain independent (Sony have offered to buy them several times and they declined) and they teamed up with MS to make Sunset Overdrive for the XB1 so there's potentially nothing stopping Nintendo approaching them! As for what game? As soon as I saw Dillon's a Rolling Western I felt the characters and setting needed to be taken out of their current tower defence hybrid game and put into a big action adventure, and I always felt Insomniac would be perfect for that!

Second choice would be The Behemoth, makers of Castle Crashers and Battle Block Theatre. They did port Alien Hominid to the GC many years ago but only in select regions. I'd take any game from them on a Nintendo system, though if I had to pick a franchise it'd be WarioLand. They have that deranged, gross humour nailed that's been missing from the series recently.

Thirdly, and finally though I could go on, That Game Company, makers of Journey and Flower. I love that Playstation nurtures these small independent titles allowing them to do something different, experimenting with the form. Journey marked their third and final game in their contract with Sony so now they're free! I would love even more to see Nintendo adopt this approach too! Series? Electroplankton.



Platinum Games for Bayonetta 3. Can see a tecmo team up for a Fire Emblem mosuo.


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