Topic: We may have a chance to have our voices heard for a Yakuza port

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Sega is doing a survey and we should try to show them we have interest in the series. They decided to stop putting Yakuza games on Nintendo consoles because it flopped on the Wii U stating Nintendo console owners arent interested in the franchise, which really didnt makes sense as that console flopped. Here is our chance to prove them wrong. The Yakuza games are masterpieces in my opinion and it would be great to play on the go.



Yakuza is far down my list of Sega franchises I'd like to have on Switch.

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I'd take a Yakuza game on Switch! I've already taken on this survey and said much the same thing anyway. Along with asking for a new Phantasy Star - that series deserves a new game. Sega should just team up with another developer who still knows how to make JRPGs.

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