Topic: We don`t need EA on Switch !!!

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Just ignore premko1, he just want to provoke anybody here to start hate EA and boycott EA whatever reasons.

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Well if you had read all my post i explained that Sony has many other divisions which are losing money, the Switch really shouldn't effect Sony sales too much because most people who have a PS4 will also buy a Switch. But the Switch will still make more money because Nintendo's profits are larger due to their smaller overheads (production, marketing, development ect... All cost less for Nintendo as i explained).

To really answer your question, Sony can still make it out of this and become big again if they turn their other business ventures around (which they have actually started doing as of earlier this year), if they start making good movies, music and good mobile phones like they use to then they can make a good profit.

Sony do make money from the PS4 but not as much money as Nintendo makes. It doesn't mean that Sony can't be successful because Sony has many other divisions which can make money.

They just need to be clever again, Sony have made some seriously flawed decisions before 2017 evening within gaming, like the Ghostbusters remake in 2016... The PS Vita and Sony's huge failure to capitalize on the digital age as they were positioned so well in the market to do so before Apple, Samsung and even before them Nokia (this has been well documented in the technology world).

Sony can make money, it doesn't depend on the Switch, it depends on themselves to bring back their other projects. You just have to look at a 20 year flow chart of Sony's market value to realize they have been on nearly a decade long decline that has only recently started to get better.

But the good news is that Sony have started to pick things up again, their movies are not so bad, they made a good choice to let Disney use Spiderman and they started doing ok with music again too so maybe by next year this time they will be back on the right track.

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I hate EA with a passion. They have little to no respect for consumers and poison everything they touch.

Sadly they own the license for Star Wars games though and I really would like a Star Wars game on the Switch (ideally a Rogue Squadron collection or KOTOR); so if they were to release one I'd be forced to buy it.



In the end I believe having more third parties around, even EA, will ultimately contribute to the switch success. As always its up to the consumer to decide what to do with their money. I hate EA so I wont buy them - should they happen to publish a very awesome game with no hidden fees that I am excited about - I might give them a chance as I have given ubi with mario rabbids. Otherwise I dont want to spoil my collection with EAs label ☺
I dont even know what kind of games they have these days , except fifa of course.



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