Topic: Warning: Do not buy anything from 8Bitdo, they have zero quality control and sell defective products

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I'm currently having the same issue with my 8Bitdo Fightstick as well. I own several other 8Bitdo controllers and was actively waiting for the price to fall to pick one up for my Switch. I tried to hook the Fightstick up to my PC and the PC would not recognized the device. I moved over to my MAC, same problem. Tried on my laptop as well, so clearly there was an issue. I notified Amazon and they sent me a new one, same issue. I'm not quite sure what is going on because I can't find any information online. This was the first search result I could find off of Google that pointed out the same issue that I was having. I'm going to try to contact 8Bitdo directly this week but I'm definitely frustrated. Were you ever able to figure out the issue?



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