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Very likely picking this guy up. Been wanting to try a western RPG, and this might be the perfect starting point

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@Dogorilla: Yes!!! Now this makes it an absolute must buy!

Additional languages will probably be supported directly from the cartridge itself, but audio packs are likely to require a download. I don't like that practice either as it is unfair on those who require a download, but I guess it would only really bother those who really want local-language audio.

As for other 32GB games, the only two I am aware of are Dragon Quest Heroes I+II and the Asian version of Final Fantasy X-X2 (the Western version only includes the first game on cartridge).

I can only hope Doom Eternal also ships on a 32GB cartridge, but I have little faith in Bethesda, especially after their appalling treatment of Wolfenstein II and now Youngblood.

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I have The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 and I haven't found the time to play it. I gotta say some games I prefer to play them on a more powerful system, in this case Xbox One, but I know that more and more I can't find the time to play at home, so long games are something I ended up preferring on Switch, the console I use the most since I have time when I commute. At home I barely play video games, having a little kid. So depending on the price I might get it on Switch, after all.

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@Zuljaras @Silly_G Good to see that a game is finally making use of the bigger cartridges. I don't think this game is really my cup of tea but I hope it sells well and encourages other publishers to follow suit.


I never finished this on PC. Pre-ordered the physical copy through amazon. Looking forward to playing this on the go.

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Lol folks at IGN are upset and surprised the game runs at sub HD in handheld mode.

No clue what they expected.

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@iKhan Guess they never played Doom or XC2 in portable mode where they both have even less resolution than that



Does "folks" mean the people who work at IGN or the audience?

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@Zuljaras Well at least Bethesda is bringing some of their AAA games on Switch(DOOM, Wolfenstein). Capcom doesn't even bother and only gives as re-releases of old games. Like we're supposed to be excited for porting DMC and RE4 in 2019 or something.



How much is this going to cost? Really excited to finally play Witcher 3, but I suspect this 32GB cartridge is going to hit us in the pocket. Hope that doesn’t put people off too much.

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It's £60 here, so it'll probably be $70-75 in North America ....

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Krull wrote:

How much is this going to cost?

You didn't specify where you live, but Switch games typically sell for $59.99 in the US, so that's the likely price. I think they would lose too many sales if it sold fore more than that.

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@BruceCM Placeholder price. Official price hasn't been revealed yet.



Well, with the Pre-Order price guarantee here, I definitely won't be paying more, @Octane.... While if it does go down, which I think is highly unlikely, I'll only have to pay the new lower price
I don't seem to be able to access Gamestop's site to see what they're charging in America, if anyone wants to do that?

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Preorder price on Amazon NA is $59.99.

Looking at the pack-in goodies it's easy to see how they're fitting the game on a 32GB cartridge. One of the items is a compendium, which means the intro cutscene that gives you a rundown of events that happened in the first two games has been removed. So we're still getting that rundown, just in physical format. Plus a map poster and stickers.

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That's awesome, @Magician .... Having an actual compendium with a game these days

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