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Dust: An Elysian Tail is an 11/10. I thought Hollow Knight would be my favorite game of all time, but this one takes the cake. Played it on mobile a couple years ago, but quit because I hate playing games on my phone (besides the occasional Nitrome time waster). If any of you have seen my posts on here you know I have an admittedly absurd amount of Switch games (I think I'm almost at 290), and you'd also probably have seen that I'm a HUGE fan of Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, NeuroVoider, Enter The Gungeon, etc. etc. etc. I have massive gaming ADD and I frequently jump between way too many things in the span of even one evening lol.

ALL THAT SAID....Dust: An Elysian Tail has my attention and will NOT let go. It's not even the typical art style I go for, but everything about this game looks, feels, and plays perfectly. I'm no professional game reviewer by any stretch, but this games goes to 11 and you should be on the eShop right now buying it. That is all, Fake E. out.

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Yeah, it's a terrific game. I'd still give Hollow Knight the edge, but Dust: AET is amazing that it still looks, sounds and plays like a modern triple-A game despite the fact it was made by more or less one guy, and first released back in 2012!

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Both games are fantastic, but I wish I'd gotten Hollow Knight much sooner then I did. Even as I am raging while struggling with a boss fight in Hollow Knight I am enjoying the game.

Dust: AET is a much easier game (I don't think I died to anything other then carelessness while exploring), but still a great time.


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Ok, because of this thread I have now pre-ordered the physical. As I am loving Hollow Knight.


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Looks like it is getting very solid reviews elsewhere as well. I definitely have Hollow Knight on my to buy list at some point . Knew nothing about Dust , but will certainly put it on the list to check out as well.

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It's definitely a solid game. One of the reasons I love indies they tend to do a good job of just containing the essence of gaming.


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Well, when done well indie games harken back to a simpler time when games were made by only 2 or 3 people at most, and gameplay was the most important thing since the hardware couldn't handle an in depth story or eye popping graphics. When the SNES came out, that was a HUGE improvement in graphics, and I for one thought games on it looked so realistic. Compared to games now, the games back then frequently looked bad. But eh, those were simpler times (for gaming at least).


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