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I'm not a fan of how "floaty" (for the lack of a better term) Sora feels. I probably won't stick with him unfortunately. I quite enjoy the music and stages though. Also, the Roxas spirit fight was surprisingly difficult for me.

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Thats what I can't wait to see, how will pro players handle soras floatyness? VS characters like peach and pikachu.

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I'm very happy with both Fighters Passes.

Let's rate the newcomers.

Joker from Persona 5
First Nintendo game: Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei (NES, 1987)
Alts: 2 (Phantom Thief, Student)
New Stages: Mementos (3 variations)
New Music Tracks: 11 (00h:30m:44s)
New Spirits: 13

Hero from Dragon Quest
First Nintendo game: Dragon Quest (NES, 1986)
New Stages: Yggdrasil's Altar
New Music Tracks: 8 (00:14:11)
New Spirits: 13

Banjo and Kazooie
First Nintendo game: Banjo-Kazooie (N64, 1998)
Alts: 1
New Stages: Spiral Mountain
New Music Tracks: 10 (00:24:14)
New Spirits: 9

Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury
First Nintendo game: Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (SNES, 1992)
Alts: 1
New Stages: King of Fighters Stadium
New Music Tracks: 50 (01:48:26)
New Spirits: 12

Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses
First Nintendo game: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (NES, 1990)
Alts: 2 (Male, Female)
New Stages: Garreg Mach Monastery
New Music Tracks: ?
New Spirits: 14

Min Min from ARMS
First Nintendo game: ARMS (Switch, 2017)
Alts: 1
New Stages: Spring Stadium
New Music Tracks: 18 (00:29:29)
New Spirits: 7

Steve & Alex from Minecraft
First Nintendo game: Minecraft - Wii U Edition (Wii U, 2015)
Alts: 4 (Steve, Alex, Zombie, Enderman)
New Stages: Minecraft World (6 variations)
New Music Tracks: 7 (00:18:51)
New Spirits: 11

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
First Nintendo game: Final Fantasy (NES, 1987)
Alts: 2 (FF VII, Advent Children)
New Stages: Northern Cave
New Music Tracks: ?
New Spirits: 14

Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
First Nintendo game: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii, 2010)
Alts: 1
New Stages: Cloud Sea of Alrest
New Music Tracks: ?
New Spirits: 8

Kazuya Mishima from Tekken
First Nintendo game: Tekken Advance (GBA, 2001)
Alts: 2 (Normal, Coat)
New Stages: Mishima Dojo
New Music Tracks: 39 (01:32:19)
New Spirits: 13

Sora from Kingdom Hearts
First Nintendo game: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA, 2004)
Alts: 5 (KH, KH II, KH 3D, KH III, Timeless River)
New Stages: Hollow Bastion
New Music Tracks: 9 (00:14:43)
New Spirits: 13

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How are people finding Sora?

It took me a while to adjust, based on initial impressions I didn't think I was going to like his playstyle but I've really warmed up to him. He has a bit of a learning curve but after that he feels quite accessible. There's much less of a learning curve to him than Hero or Joker I would say. He feels like more of a classic design with somewhat fewer gimmicks, which I think is the perfect way to round things off.

I don't like him enough to make him a regular but he's definitely going to be a pocket I use now and then for fun. It's so strange now that it's done. Sakurai really needs a long, long holiday after all this!

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@mr_somewhere Sora is easily a new extra main. Got him to Elite Smash after losing it droppin my GSP for him to 6m, but i brought it back up to 9.6m. I love his playstyle, feels like a strange mix of Ness / Lucas and a Fire Emblem character. The floaty-ness and incredible recovery helps with mix-ups. Using his magic to buffer in the air for a sec also helps with them mix-ups. He's a lot of fun to combo with, heck I got a few awesome kills I should try to upload to my channel lol. Strangely, the one thing I don't like about him is his counter. I think it would have been more fun with a cooler attack as opposed to a lame old counter.

Yea, I too think his learning curve is definitely lesser than some of the more complicated characters. He definitely echoes that classic Smash fighter design though. It is odd that there are no more Smash fighters to be revealed, it feels like the excitement around the game isn't the same, as much as I love this series.

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@tekoii The excitement is has definitely left the game a bit. There's no longer that potential, but at least more people are finally going to appreciate the game for what it is. Unless the next instalment is an updated port I cannot imagine how we could ever get something like this again.

The counter was a lame choice, I haven't played Kingdom Hearts in a long time, I played 2 back when that was out but I'm sure they could have done something else, still, it is a damn good counter, at least. It takes some adjusting but it's really fun how deep you can go with him. You can really just jump out there and catch people.

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No more new events from next week.


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Aw that stinks, I never really participated but they were cool and it kept the game "alive" in some sense

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I'm really surprised. I thought events and spirits would keep going for a few months. I take it it's unlikely we're getting any further patches too.

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They'll at least update the game to support future amiibo, and I doubt they're done with balance patches. Smash 4 had one more after its final DLC characters released, at least.



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