Topic: someone is claiming overheating is causing botw framerate drops

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@Heavyarms55 my room is all ac with a ceiling fan.68° or switch mainly only gets warm while its charging and playing..then it gets pretty dang toasty.

I just rigged up a very small 5v fan(maybe 20mm or less),wired it to usb and taped on the back of the dock on the vent.went back to a spot with the drops and they still were there.

Also another place i really see them at are while in a tree and when the camera pans down and you have a clear view of link omg the fps drops bad,pan out to where all you can see are the Leafs and it goes away.

Idk maybe its just a poorly Optimized game.



@talclipse No, this sounds more like there is something wrong with the Switch, your Switch. If this was a consistent problem there would be a lot more people talking about it. BotW is not exactly an obscure game on the system.

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My first Switch had framerate issues everywhere. Turns out the fan was faulty and eventually died while I was playing Odyssey. The card slot wouldn't always read games either, and kicked me out of games with a card removed error often.

Replacement doesn't have any of these issues.

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